The new 3.6L V6 engine for the soon-to-be revealed Cadillac​ CT6 promises to be quieter, more powerful and more efficient than its predecessor.

Delivering 335 horsepower, key features include:
• Active fuel management
• Start/stop technology
• A new aluminum block with increased structure in the bulkheads for superior rigidity
• A four-cam phasing system with intermediate park technology that enhances efficiency
• All-new, patented “targeted” cooling system that provides strategic cooling of the engine’s hottest areas while simultaneously fostering faster warm-up to enhance efficiency
• Higher-flow cylinder heads that enhance direct injection performance
• Revised timing drive system with cushioned chain sprockets contributing to quieter engine operation
• A two-stage oil pump that enhances efficiency

Check out this cool video animation of the CT6 engine to see the details.

We’ll bring you the first pictures of the whole car on Tuesday evening from the CT6 premier party from an undisclosed location in Brooklyn, NY.