BMW amazed everyone present during its Consumer Electronic Show (CES) demonstration with their self-driving car. The Bavarian automaker showcased two prototype cars, the first was the yet to be launched M235i coupe and the other, a 6-Series Gran Coupe, equipped with electronics, under the ConnectedDrive banner.

“It’s like the best test driver you have,” said Dr. Werner Huber, BMW project manager driver.

The BMW ConnectedDrive prototypes were equipped with cameras, radar, ultrasonic sensors and GPS. These BMW cars also have electronic braking, steering control and throttle.

BMW’s self-driving system has already racked up about 9,000 miles of real-world driving time through cities and on the speed-limitless autobahn at up to 80 miles per hour, surrounded by other cars.

BMW Unveils Self-Driving Car at CES