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Blending tradition and modernity in Montreal Japanese bistro

Blending tradition and modernity in Montreal Japanese bistro

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Modern solutions have found their way into a traditional establishment in Montreal – the Kinoya Japanese bistro. Shaped out of stylized plum blossoms, peonies and chrysanthemums, the wall decals are reminiscent of old kamon (heraldic insignia of ancient samurai clans), defining the bistro’s brand and also seen in the artistic representations on the wall, as well as the menus. Infused with traditional elements, this wonderful Japanese bistro is defined by a dynamic atmosphere, where fluidity was the main design element and colors were carefully chosen to merge tradition and modern elegance.

The 400 square meter tatami box defines a section of the bistro designed to be the heart of the project – the rectangular box with high ceilings was imagined as a sculptural yellow birch element that folds on itself, reminding connoisseurs of the folding furoshiki technique. An open kitchen allows guests to enjoy the fascinating movements of Japanese chefs cooking each course in this chic, colored space meant for good food and great socializing. Simple shapes and furniture lines, adjoined with oversized graphic elements give the compact space an aura of inventive design. Imagined by Montreal designer Jean de Lessard, the Kinoya Japanese bistro will surely set a new creative standard in the industry.