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Bing Maps Beta: Microsoft Should Repent and Simplify

Bing Maps Beta: Microsoft Should Repent and Simplify

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PC World looks at Microsoft’s new the Bing Maps.

Microsoft has released a new beta of the map function inside its Bing “decision engine.” After only a few minutes with the Bing Maps beta, just like Microsoft promises, I was able to make a decision: Enough already. Maybe I am non-creative, not enough of a consumer, or not whoever it is that Bing has in mind, but I think this user interface is a disaster. All I want is a map. This is a negative review of Bing’s new maps. Want something happier? Read this). I don’t need a weather forecast. I don’t need a Wikipedia link. I certainly don’t need time-wasting panoramic photography or a bunch of seemingly random photos somehow related to the location. Nor do I need links to mapping applications on other sites. – From PC World