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Best Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Best Father’s Day Gift Ideas

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As we know, the best gifts — the best luxuries — are time, family and health. If you’re searching for the best Father’s Day gift ideas, give your dad the following unique gifts this Father’s Day:

Private Chef — Bring a chef into your home. They prepare and cook your dad’s favorite meal for the entire family.

Dedicate to Dad’s Favorite Charity — Does dad have a favorite cause, or museum? Donate money on his behalf. Make a pledge to NPR in his name.

Golf Weekend — Is there a golf course your dad has really wanted to play? Plan a trip for him, from A to Z.

Dad Movie Night — He selects his favorite movies, you make popcorn.

Family Painting — If you have younger children, have them draw or paint a family portrait. Present it in a beautiful silver frame from Pottery Barn.

Rent His Dream Car — For the weekend, rent dad’s favorite dream car, from a Maserati to a BMW.

Memory Lane Revisited — Convert old VHS tapes to digital, scan family photos — present them online, on YouTube or burn to a DVD.

Afternoon Cruise — Rent a yacht and take dad for a cruise. Or take him on a fishing expedition.

Barnes & Noble Gift Card — Present him with a gift card, and visit the bookstore for coffee and browsing. Let dad select the book he really wants.

No complaining, no pressure, and no guilt are also great gifts… However, you can never go wrong with the following:

A Ralph Lauren Tie, Johnny Walker Black, Wagyu Ribeyes from Dean & Deluca, gourmet pistachios, and an Apple iPad.

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