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Apple’s iTV reportedly coming this fall

Apple’s iTV reportedly coming this fall

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We’ve been hearing about an Apple TV for years now. Before he died, Apple co-founder Steve Jobs reportedly told people that he had ‘cracked’ the challenge of an Apple TV. Now comes word that Apple will be offering an iTV this fall, complete with an “iRing” – a small ring that fits on the viewer’s finger and allows users to control the TV with motions.

When we first heard the iRing story, we thought it might be a late April Fools Day joke. But now other analysts are jumping on board with the speculation.

A device like the iRing would certainly put Apple on track for creating a truly unique piece of hardware.

Beyond the iRing, we would expect extensive integration with Apple devices.

Word is that the new iTV will be available in 50″, 55″ and 60″ models. Cost will be between $1,500 and $2,500.

Ultimately, we are holding are breath on the new iRing/iTV rumors. It’s an interesting idea, but we’re not sold it’s the real thing.