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An Unusual Take On The Hot Tub: The Weltevree Dutchtub

An Unusual Take On The Hot Tub: The Weltevree Dutchtub

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In theory, hot tubs are great. In practice, they are often a pain to install and maintain, and they can quickly end up looking rather dated and grungy. The Weltevree Dutchtub offers an interesting alternative to your more standard hot tub — it utilizes a simple design and its convection heating mechanism is fueled by a wood-burning stove. The fact that no electricity is required makes them a more portable option and really helps cut down on installation costs.

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The Dutchtub is available in five different colors, weighs 165 pounds, holds 171 gallons of water, and comfortably seats up to four people. Each hot tub comes with a polyester cover which, when placed over the tub, rather makes it resemble a large crock pot. Slow cook yourself into a state of bliss with the Dutchtub. Prices start at approximately $5,760 USD, and accessories, including an ashtray for the heating element and a heavy-duty cover for winter storage, are available for an additional cost.