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Amazing Travel: White Shark Cage Diving On Guadalupe Island

Amazing Travel: White Shark Cage Diving On Guadalupe Island

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Vacations should be all about spending unique moments relaxing your body, mind and soul, living life at the fullest while exploring new places, discovering new people, understanding new cultures, gathering information and getting a different view of the world. It should be about leaving problems behind, live fearlessly and collect “shots” of happiness.

For those who want to feel the adrenaline increasing their heart and pulse rates during their summer holiday, there’s what we suggest: how about a shark cage diving on the Guadalupe Island? Yes, it’s like one of “things-to-do-before-you-die”, written on the bucket list, but we assure you that every single thrill will transform into a unique moment worth sharing with the others! So, dear thrill seeker, if you want to see the great whites the way you’ve never seen them before, we advice you to give it a shot and book a flight to the world’s top white shark cage diving destination: the Guadalupe Island.

The white shark cage diving is only 5 minutes away from the San Diego International Airport, at the Shark Diver. The company has over twelve years of experience. “When it comes to shark conservation efforts and industry lead protocols for safe and sane shark diving, Shark Diver has been at the forefront of this growing industry trend. Over the past 20 years commercial shark diving has grown and matured to offer the very best of safe and remarkable shark encounters worldwide.”  If you want to overcome limits and face your fears, a “shark trip” in San Diego is definitely a must have. This once in a lifetime adventure lasts 5 days and it costs $3,100 per person. Details-Shark White-SharkShark-Behind