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A Rare 4×4 Ford from 1951

A Rare 4×4 Ford from 1951

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Ford’s current image may be that of all-terrain vehicles designed for outdoorsy types, but back in the 1950s the company did not specifically produce “carry-all” vehicles. This truck, a 1951 Ford F1 Ranger, would have begun its life as a Ford panel delivery truck which was then sent to Marmon Harrington, a specialty maker who helped modify vehicles. A very limited number of these vehicles, among the first to receive the “Ranger” moniker, were ever built. Now there are only 11 left, with only 2 having been restored to working condition.

This Ranger was purchased from its last owner in 2008 by J&L Fabricating in Puyallup, WA. The team who worked on restoring the vehicle spent 400 hours alone on perfectly emulating the original Ford Sheridan Blue paint job. The dedication to restoring this historical vehicle to its former glory earned it a position in a special Ford F1 display at America’s Car Museum in 2015.

This exceptional vehicle has recently been put back on the market, and potential buyers can contact Canepa for more information. No price is listed, but we can only assume that it will cost considerably more than the roughly $2000 that one of these vehicles would have sold for in the early 1950s.