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A Perfumer Has Bottled the Scent of Bespoke Blackline Bentley Autos

A Perfumer Has Bottled the Scent of Bespoke Blackline Bentley Autos

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The only thing better than that new car smell, is that new Bentley smell. As luck would have it, Bentley Blackline drivers can now reflect their taste for four-wheeled luxury in the scent they wear. The distinctive British autos have inspired Bentley For Men Black Edition Eau de Parfum, an official perfume formulated to capture the luxurious scent of natural materials used in Bentley’s bespoke Blackline interiors. 

 Bentley For Men Black Edition bottles the spirit of stealthy Blackline Bentleys, creating a distinctive, masculine fragrance with top notes of spicy wood. Master perfumer Dorothée Piot plays on the striking contrast of notes of pink pepper, nutmeg, tangerine, and jasmine over a sophisticated background of polished dark woods – much like the inner and outer worlds of a Blackline automobile. The heart of the fragrance blends patchouli, earthy papyrus, tobacco-scented tonic bean and leather-tinged Atlas cedar wood on a base of musk and crisp, dry wood. 

The bottle itself is as sharp and monochrome as a tailored tuxedo. It is designed to reflect the lines and curves of a Bentley, with an elegance that has been in the company’s bloodline since founder WO Bentley’s pre-war racing cars and sporting tourers. The diamond-shaped body of the flacon, in heavy black glass, is textured by silver-white stripes. Its opaque finish enhances the polished silver metal shoulders of the bottle, embossed with the celebrated Winged-B. The silver cap is ringed with Bentley’s signature knurling.

Contemporary and sleek, Blackline automobiles are for Bentley owners who enjoy the stealthiness of toned-down brightware. Body colors can still be bold, but a noir alternative to the exterior chrome-work gives the Continental GT and GTC, Flying Spur and Bentayga a dark side. It’s proving a popular specification — 40% of Bentleys currently produced are outfitted with the Blackline pack. All chrome and satin finishes (with the exception of the winged-badge and Flying-B mascot’s feathers) go Beluga black. This includes the brawny wheels, crystal-like lamp surrounds and imposing matrix grille.

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