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925 silver camera jewelry by Jay Tsujimura for the rich paparazzi

925 silver camera jewelry by Jay Tsujimura for the rich paparazzi

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It’s not only the finger licking delicious cake that needs a cherry topping; many proudly owned assets may need that too. Jay Tsujimura, who is a Tokyo based designer, has made something that most of camera lovers can cherish. He has designed a unique exquisite collection of silver jewelry that is all hand-crafted to beautify your personal cameras. His rich silver accessories make a camera look like a virgin nymph that basks in glory and praise every time it uncovers.

The luxurious collection by the Japanese designer includes designs that are inspired from flowers and lizards. A great feature of this indispensible collection is that it is too versatile for a huge range of cameras. The 925 silver made accessories can be adorned easily on cameras like Leica, Fuji X-10, Fuji X-100, Fuji X-Pro1, RICOH-GR, and Nikon cameras. These little jewelry pieces make you feel proud about your lovable camera that can be highly expensive at the same time. To add variety, Jay offers these enchanting camera accessories in precious metals and gems other than silver, which includes gold, platinum, and diamonds.

Moreover, to extend the appeal of the collection, the designer has characterized two oppositely inspired ranges. One of sets of collection derive the inspiration from floral patterns whereas the second one features scaly reptile skin like design that has been inspired by lizards. This ensures that people having different tastes have something to take away from this precious collection. Coming to the price range of these luxury-rich accessories, it ranges from $225 – $8,000. Maybe, with the changing times even your beloved possessions like a high-end camera aspires for being decorated and appreciated more than its basic function. What do you say folks?

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