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A $680 Luxury Sahlep’ Cocktail (And How To Recreate It At Home)

A $680 Luxury Sahlep’ Cocktail (And How To Recreate It At Home)

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From time to time, we see luxury cocktails or foodstuffs hit the market. In fact, we showed you a $5,000 drink available at XS Las Vegas just a few short weeks ago. And here we go again, but with a twist. Ciragan Palace Kempinski Istanbul has unveiled the world’s newest ultra luxe drink – a $680 Sahlep’ (a traditional hot drink made from Orchid tuber).

Served in a snifter garnished with Tahitian vanilla and real gold, the Sahlep’ includes:

•       5 oz. Traditional Turkish Sahlep from Orchid tuber (finely ground)

•       1 1/3 oz Cognac Louis XIII

•       .65 oz Chocolate Liqueur (made with 80% cocoa with a dark vintage rum)

•       Drizzle of liquid Turkish Honey (artisanal honey from organic Turkish farm)

To make the drink, warm and combine all ingredients but Cognac in a large snifter. Gently pour in the cognac over the back of a bar spoon, spice with Tahiti Vanilla and garnish with gold leaves.  Serve immediately.

We’re not sure that this drink seems worth the $680 price tag, but it sounds quite tasty as an after-dinner treat.