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24-karat Gold avatar of the iPhone 5 now out

24-karat Gold avatar of the iPhone 5 now out

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The iPhone 5 may have become the butt of jokes thanks to its flawed maps, but we at the Pursuitist prefer to focus on the positive aspect of things. Truth is that the iPhone in its latest avatar remains one of the best smart phones out there. Being the ultimate destination in luxury, we present to you the 24-karat gold iPhone from Gold & Co., who are experts at gold plated iPhones.

Based in London, Gold & Co. are offering the iPhone 5 in two versions , the traditional yellow gold and the contemporary rose gold. Each handset will come in a handcrafted wooden box and will be individually numbered. Each version (yellow and rose) shall be a strictly limited quantity of 250. However more details are yet to be released by the company (including the pricing).

As far as speed goes, the iPhone 5 is probably the fastest to get a gold edition. Perhaps we shall soon see a day when Apple itself shall debut a limited edition gold version of its devices given the significant demand in the luxury market that exists for them.