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2014 Oscars Nominees Walk Back Home With A $85,000 Goody Bag

2014 Oscars Nominees Walk Back Home With A $85,000 Goody Bag

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The winner takes it all, but not at Oscars! Though only a few selected nominees walk up to the stage to claim the prestigious award, the other contenders do not return home empty handed either. This year, each and every nominee received the 2014 Academy Awards swag bag which contained $85,000 worth of gifts!

Assembled by Los Angeles-based Distinctive Assets marketing company, this year’s swag bag worth is up by almost $30,000 than last year. If there would have been an award for the most expensive/most extravagant goody bag, “Everyone Wins at the Oscars Nominee Gift Bag” would have won it for sure. The award-winning bag contains 50 gifts starting from $6.49 for a DrainWig plug to $16,000 Robotic Hair Transplant System treatment.

Apart from these, the celebrities are honored for their efforts with offers like a $9,000 short trip to Las Vegas and a $15,000 walking tour in Japan. More travel opportunities include a two-day Rocky Mountaineer train excursion from Vancouver to Alberta in the Canadian Rockies for $6,850. Though the pets at the homes of the nominees are treated to $1,572 worth supplies from Epic Pet Health, the gift bag also includes a $10,000 meal donation of Ellen DeGeneres’ natural pet food, Halo Spot’s Stew. Every one who receives this booty will be able to donate the meals to an animal shelter of their choice.

Instead of listing down each of the fifty goodies we have rounded off the list by picking out some of the priciest and also the most bizarre offers and products. Why would any of the celebs need a set of Mace Pepper Guns in pink and camouflage colors? And what will a male nominee do with the $2,700 “O-Shot” procedure that helps to boost a woman’s sex drive? Gift it to his lady?

Other less worthy products like the $120 Go Pro hair dryer from Coolway, the $290 Swiss-made Slow Watch along with a range of everyday necessities like lollipops, tea, condoms, sweet-treats, protein bars and the likes are likely to land up in the nominee’s driver’s and domestic help’s lap.