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2013 Infiniti JX Preview: A crossover into luxury

2013 Infiniti JX Preview: A crossover into luxury

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The Pursuitist headed to Charleston, SC, to experience hands-on the new 2013 Infiniti JX Luxury Crossover. The new model will cost $40,450, which is scheduled to go on sale at Infiniti retailers nationwide this spring. The all-new 7-passenger/3-row luxury crossover, which made its world debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show, is offered in two models, the Infiniti JX35 FWD and Infiniti JX35 AWD. Each is equipped with a 265-horsepower 3.5-liter V6 engine and Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) with Sport mode.

The new Infiniti JX is all about comfort and safety. I’m not the target audience for this lux auto (I mean, I drive a BMW coupe), but affluent soccer moms will drool over the JX. It’s spacious, bundled with the latest technologies and looks iconically Infiniti. The crossover posts combined mpg numbers in the low 20s, including 18 mpg in the city and 24 mpg on the highway.

Trust us, with elegant styling and excellent third-row access, the Infiniti JX is going to sell like hotcakes — the perfect ride for young families focused on safety and comfort. The sonar and radar-equipped vehicle is like the Batmobile for the hip moms in your neighborhood. Most noteworthy among the innovations is the optional Backup Collision Intervention. When pulling out in reverse, and if there’s a child or pet behind the car that the driver hasn’t seen, the vehicle will signal, beep and then apply the brakes automatically.

Joined by Troy Janisch, we got behind the wheel of the latest luxury from Infiniti. Here’s Troy’s review:

What do you get when you cross a road trip fanboy with a stretch of Carolina roadway and the 2013 Infiniti JX? A new respect for Infiniti’s newest comfortable, cargo-friendly crossover vehicle.

I’m all about road tripping. So, when Infiniti offered to preview the 2013 Infiniti JX on a road trip thru Charleston-area lowcountry, I grabbed some Southern snacks (Bacon & Cheddar Seasoned Peanuts), loaded some Southern tracks (Carolina Beach Music via Pandora) and hit the the road with my friend Chris Parr in Infiniti’s newest luxury crossover vehicle.

One of the reason I’ve been such a Fanboy for the Ford Flex is that it provides the best combination of utility, economy and comfort needed for a 20-hour+ land voyage with the family — or, four ‘larger-than-average’ guys on a three-day weekend land voyage. However, I’ve also been keeping my eye on some of the upscale crossover vehicles with three rows of seating from Acura, Audi and (now) Infiniti.

The JX is spacious throughout. It offers 38.3 inches of headroom and 41.7 inches of legroom in the 2nd row. With three rows of seats, the vehicle has a lot of space, but rear visibility is a bit hampered by a combination of the vehicles smooth contouring and its ample seating and headrests. Luckily, the Infiniti surpasses other crossovers with its array of tech-driven safety features. The sonar and radar-equpped vehicle includes ‘blind spot warning and intervention’, ‘lane departure warning and prevention’, ‘intelligent brake assist with forward collision warning’ and ‘distance control assist’. Infinity’s ‘around view monitor’ provides a 360-degree view around the Infiniti JX and detects movement in the area. The JX prevents backup collisions — literally — by slowing when it detects an imminent collision.

The JX drives more like a sedan than an SUV — particularly when the transmission is set in sport mode. The ride is smooth and relaxing. It’s offered in two models, the Infiniti JX35 FWD and Infiniti JX35 AWD. Each is equipped with a 265-horsepower 3.5-liter V6 engine and Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) with Sport mode.

The JX35 has a base price of $40,450 (FWD) or $41,550 (AWD) and has five upgrade packages.This compares favorably to the Acura MDX ($42,930) and Audi Q7 ($46,250). The decked out FWD version (premium and theater packages) runs $48,050. The 7-passenger JX targets affluent, safety-conscious families. As a result, the JX boasts interior comfort and safety features that exceed my humble Ford Flex. The Infiniti I tested featured a Bose ‘Cabin Surround’ 15-speaker sound system. The system is adapted from their home entertainment products and provides more bass output in less space. For backseat passengers, the JX offers independent, dual 7-inch color monitor, a 120V power outlet and wireless headphones.

“It isn’t just about the driver, it’s about EVERYBODY in the car,” said Infiniti’s Kyle Bazemore.

Also, Infiniti Connection provides you with advanced convenience features and concierge services such as My Schedule or Drive Zone.

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