Place des Arts in Montreal, Canada is known (among others) as the home of the symphonic orchestra of Montreal. The building was recently added a futuristic urban lounge, especially developed for encounters, before or after musical performances.

Designed by Sid Lee Architecture in collaboration with Aedifica, the lounge is the result of a spectacular transformation of a former parking area. Salon Urbain is said to really capture the artistic feel of the place, by giving a physical form to sound waves.

The architects describe the project as follows: “The space is a destination in itself and a welcoming prelude to the musical and social experience it precedes. The bar is the pièce de resistance of the Salon Urbain, a hymn to art: a sound wave in physical form. It is the key element in a mobile world where people come together, dance, listen…  The color red is omnipresent, associated with performing arts and premiere nights, and becomes the symbol of a hip urban culture that beats to rhythm of music and the arts“. (via Contemporist)