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Steve Jobs lights up Apple show

Steve Jobs lights up Apple show

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Lots of cool stuff from Apple: a Nano with video, price cuts on classic iPods, new iPod Touches, and an updated iTunes (no tablet – yet). Oh yes, and the return of Steve Jobs.

Apple boss Steve Jobs stole the show at an event to launch new products as he took to the stage for the first time in nearly a year following medical leave. Mr Jobs returned to work at the end of June after taking a six month break to recover from a liver transplant. After a long summer of speculation about what would roll off the Apple production line, the products took second billing to Mr Jobs’ appearance. “I’m vertical and I’m back,” joked Mr Jobs at a press event in San Francisco. As the audience rose to give him a standing ovation and cheer his return, the notoriously private Mr Jobs talked briefly about the operation he received at a hospital in Tennessee. – From BBC