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Sleek Marea Lounge Chair for stand-still moments

Sleek Marea Lounge Chair for stand-still moments

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Each day, a routine can create that necessary stand-still moment we use to get in touch with our real life. Laying on a comfortable lounge is definitely on many people’s lists. The calm moments we use to relax our body and challenge our minds with daydreams should have a strong support easing the way to our personal heaven.

The Marea Lounge created by British designer Jules Sturgess is lightweight as a dream – two separate four millimeters thick but durable carbon sections compose a very stable, comfortable and sleek lounge chair. These two elements are anchored at a critical strain point by the central titanium hub, allowing the design to showcase a blade-like shape when viewed from the side. This material is perfect for the imagined design – it is strong enough to be supportive, yet flexible enough to slightly mold under pressure.