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Karl Lagerfeld, The Video Game

Karl Lagerfeld, The Video Game

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Karl Lagerfeld shows up in a new avatar – a cartoon character! The designer has been digitally transformed in to a Tokidoki character for the new video game.  

This amusing marketing strategy has been exclusively designed to promote his eyewear collection. Je veux les lunettes de Karl (translates to – I Want Karl’s Sunglasses) is an online game which is available for everyone to play but only offers French citizens a chance to win free Lagerfeld sunglasses or a Tokidoki figurine.

Though players only need to snatch his black sunglasses, it isn’t easy! The comical-digital version of Karl moves fast and cleverly avoids being grabbed by the players.

This video game will be live for a month as a part of a partnership with Karl Lagerfeld’s French eyewear distributor Optic 2000.

Karl who is renowned for his taunting comments and witty quotes will not spare the players of this game too. Move slow and he will tap his foot impatiently and mock with remarks like “You really need glasses” and “Ah, you finally woke up”. Fail and you will be rewarded with one more of classic taunt – “Karl has no more time for you.”

Je veux les lunettes de Karl

Karl Lagerfeld