This is not the way to drive customers. I still can’t beleive the number of Four Season Resorts that a) don’t have Wi-Fi b) charge for Wi-Fi. Please.

Your hotel bill may be carrying some extra baggage. Eager to boost revenue and perhaps emboldened by the success airlines have had adding fees, many hotels are raising fees and hitting customers with more surcharges that don’t show up next to room rates. Some hotels are charging mandatory valet parking fees if you show up with a car. Some have upped their “resort fees,” required whether or not you use the pool or exercise room. Housekeeping gratuities and bellman fees are aggressively being added to bills, travelers report. Some motels are even charging for in-room safes, regardless of whether you use them. “It’s been widely accepted with airlines, so this is the natural progression into the hotel industry,” says Jean Covelli, president of Travel Team Inc., a corporate travel management firm based in Buffalo, N.Y. Three clients recently arrived at hotels with cars and were tagged with mandatory valet parking fees as high as $45 a day. – from WSJ