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Hermès Holiday Windows Metamorphosed In The New York City

Hermès Holiday Windows Metamorphosed In The New York City

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This festive season, the windows of Hermès stores in the New York City have got a stunning makeover based on the theme of Metamorphosis. Australian designer Christopher Boots was commissioned by the French luxury house to showcase his talent along with the brand’s stunning merchandise in the windows. Melbourne based industrial designer spent thousands of hours of work in conceptualizing and materializing the idea.

Hermes_Windows-Christopher_BootsEach window showcases surreal setup that is put together with printed scarves, candles, jewelry, painted ceramics and fragrances. Certainly no display would be complete without using the iconic Birkin bag. The designer made extensive use of minerals and stones to dress the windows. Shades of blues and greens have been teamed up with silver and gold to create a whole new Hermès world inside the windows.

Hermes_Windows-Christopher_Boots_1While one window shows copper and crystal stalactites hanging over pillars topped with perfume bottles other window is decked with clustered globular lights which appears like snowflakes falling over a green marbled mountain range.

Hermes_Windows-Christopher_Boots_2Boots encapsulates his vision and the outcome of the Hermès NYC windows, “Creation is a process that takes an understanding of materiality, of process, of form and pattern. Light in and of itself is everything—everything is made of light, of particles, that simply vibrate at lower frequencies until they become solid. In these windows, the light itself comes through my pieces in the spirit of inspiring New Yorkers in the depths of winter that even though the sun is gone, there is still light behind everything.”

Hermes_Windows-Christopher_Boots_3His work will be on view from until 15 January 2015 at Hermès Madison, 691 Madison Avenue, and Hermès Madison Men, 690 Madison Avenue, in New York City.

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