When it comes to keeping your home insulated, green walls are the aesthetic way to go. Maximum Garden House, designed by Singapore-based studio Formwerkz Architects, is a perfect example of a green and spectacular looking modern residence.

Structured on three levels, this welcoming home in Singapore was especially developed for a family with two children. The idea of a living wall derived from the objective of increasing the garden space, even if this meant achieving the task vertically: “The wall planting set within a niche along the front boundary wall and the shrubbery on the car-porch roof, reclaim surfaces otherwise normally neglected as canvasses for beautification“- the architects clarified. Maximum Garden House features plenty of small potted plants, contributing to a system that keeps the residence cool while also ensuring privacy.

Another striking element of the house is a sloping roof terrace, easily reachable and perfect for spending time outdoors.