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Glamorous Camping in the Ottawa Valley

Glamorous Camping in the Ottawa Valley

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Just outside the city of Ottawa, you can enjoy all the beauty of nature without surrendering any of the comforts of civilization. Entrepreneur Nikki Laframboise is the creative force behind Elements Luxury Tented Camp and Nature Spa. Recognizing the demand for fresh ways for Ottawa’s high-powered government workers to destress, Laframbroise designed the resort to offer nature-based relaxation. But no one will be expected to rough it in this luxury camp. Each tented get-away features king-sized beds, Egyptian cotton sheets, mini-furnaces, and all-natural toilets. This is “glamping,” camping for those who don’t really see what’s so relaxing about canoeing and fighting off mosquitoes all weekend.

The resort offers a range of activities, including light hiking, yoga, art classes, and massages. Best of all, no matter what you choose to do, you will be guided and assisted by well-trained “wilderness” butlers, who are happy to decant your wine, cook your food, and carry your picnic baskets full of caviar to secluded lunching spots. Located on part of the Canadian Shield, visitors to Lafambroise’s resort will have no shortage of natural wonders to admire, including waterfalls and rugged woodsy terrain. Opening in June of 2016, a stay at this premium resort can cost up to $500 CAD a night.

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