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Four Seasons Hotel Prague offers private tours of Karlstejn Castle

Four Seasons Hotel Prague offers private tours of Karlstejn Castle

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Four Seasons Hotel Prague is offering guided off-hours private tour of Karlstejn Castle includes areas usually not open to the public. Here’s the official news from Four Seasons Hotel Prague:

Ever wandered through a famous castle, wishing that all the tourists were gone and you could have the place to yourself? Four Seasons Hotel Prague makes fantasies come true with a unique opportunity for a private, after hours tour of historic Karlstejn Castle.

Exclusive to Four Seasons Hotel Prague, guests can now experience and enjoy a private tour of Karlstejn Castle in the evening or at night after closing hours. A private guide will take guests through the Castle in a mystic journey lit by a flamed torch as he tells stories and myths related to this magical place and the people who lived there. Both residential and social areas are visited, including the rarely seen Chapel of the Holy Cross, which is normally not open to the public.

The Castle is located an hour’s drive from Prague, overlooking the Berounka River. There she stands in silence as a respectful and gracious witness to some of the greatest and most charming history in the Crown Lands of Bohemia. The gothic castle of Karlstejn was built in 1348, and named after the Czech King and Roman Emperor, Charles IV. It was here that he kept his royal treasures for safekeeping, including his collection of holy relics and the coronation jewels of the Roman Empire.

Charles IV was a great influence on the imperial capital of Prague and today, the city bears many reminders of his vision, including the Charles University, Charles Square and the majestic Charles Bridge, just to name a few.

The half day Karlstejn Castle tour includes a limousine and driver, private guide and entrance fee for CZK 20,000 for two persons.