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Forget the tie. 5 Luxury Gifts for Dad.

Forget the tie. 5 Luxury Gifts for Dad.

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1. An Apple iPhone 3G S. He’ll be the coolest dad at work — and he’ll be constantly reminded of your thoughtfulness. Load it up with his favorite music and family video — and your contact information.

2. His own personal domain name. Grab your dad his own dot com, and while you’re at it, create a Facebook and Twitter account for pops. Invite friends and family to “friend” or “follow” him.

3. A weekend at a Four Seasons resort for dad and mom. Plan an easy get-away weekend with just the two of them, they’d love it. Four Seasons resorts offer great packages and gift cards.

4. A Sony Blu-ray Player. Yes, make dad go blu with the latest and sharpest DVD technology. Pick up a few killler Blu-ray DVDs so he can showcase his new toy for his friends.

5. Artisanal Cheeses Gift Basket from Dean & Deluca. All dads love cheese, it’s a fact. So keep dad classy by going with a gift basket from Dean & Deluca. Perhaps also find his favorite local microbrew too — something to drink while he’s enjoying his cheeses.

Ok, ok, the invisible number 6; if you must buy a tie, you can’t go wrong with a Hermès tie. Made in France, very stylus and colorful, you’ll be doing your part to make dad even cooler than he is.

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