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This Ferrari MM 458 Speciale Is Really Something Special

This Ferrari MM 458 Speciale Is Really Something Special

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Rolls-Royce has it’s Bespoke division. Bentley has Mulliner. And BMW can create custom version of their cars with their Individual program. So to can Ferrari with a program they call, One-Off. To demonstrate their capabilities, Ferrari have created a unique version of their 458 Speciale for a British customer who prefers to remain anonymous.

The unnamed customer was looking for something even sportier than the standard 458, something more dramatic. So he worked with Ferrari’s in-house design team to take one of the world’s most desirable cars and make it even more so.

The effects of this make-over are stunning and most noticeable in profile.

First, the black out A-pillars in give the front windshield a wrap-around effect, making it appear as though it’s one piece of glass surrounding the cockpit. This design feature also makes the car’s roof appear to be a visor, cantilevered over the driver.

The car’s side panels have also been greatly reworked with a sharp crease defining the car’s beltline that leads into an scoop that draws cooling air into the engine compartment. The new rear wing also give the car more of a wedge shape.

The rear of the car has also been highly modified, with a new taillight configuration emphasising the wide, low stance of the car. The rear diffuser has been completely updated and large exhaust vents help pull heat from the engine compartment of the car.

The MM 458 Speciale’s aluminum bodywork is finished in a stunning Bianco Italia with green and orange stripes that finish the Italian flag motif. It was delivered to the customer at Ferrari’s Fiorano circuit after the company’s chief test driver Dario Benuzzi gave it a full shake down.

The One-Off program offers a world of possibilities to create unique tribute cars based on the brand’s rich heritage. To create your own custom Ferrari, just contact the company they’ll be happy to make your dream a reality, too.