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Embraer Legacy 650

Embraer Legacy 650

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Embraer updates their Legacy 600 aircraft to the 650 model, providing one of the best personal aircraft experiences in the world.

Scheduled for delivery later this year, the Embraer Legacy 650 ( is an improvement on the Brazilian manufacturer’s already popular Legacy 600 aircraft. Beefier wings, additional fuel tanks, and more efficient Rolls-Royce engines extend the new jet’s range to an ocean-hopping 4,000 miles with a full load of 14 passengers—a combination no other plane in its price class (about $30 million) can match. The 650’s cabin features improved noise insulation as well as an entertainment system with a satellite link and Wi-Fi. Updated avionics ease the workload for pilots and allow the 650 to handle a wide range of weather conditions. – From Robb Report