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Elephant Hills: Vacation with Pachyderms in Thailand

Elephant Hills: Vacation with Pachyderms in Thailand

Elephant Hills boasts that it’s the first luxury camping site in Thailand. The Elephant Camp is located in Khao Sok National Park in Southern Thailand and aims to fuse the experience of an adventurous safari with a luxury getaway.

‘Glamping’ or ‘glamorous camping,’ a term for upscale outdoorsy holidays, has been becoming increasingly popular lately, and Elephant Hills is simply another example. The retreat offers 2-4 day adventure tours which include luxury dining and accommodations in addition to breathtaking natural scenery. Photos of the interior of each ‘tent’ show what looks more like a fancy hotel room than a canvas enclosure in the rainforest. The company runs two sister camps, Elephant Camp and Rainforest Camp, the latter of which offers visitors the unique experience of staying in a floating tent village situated atop Cheow Larn Lake.

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The highlight of the camp, however, is not its luxurious trappings, but its ‘Elephant Experience.’ Visitors will have the opportunity to feed, wash, and interact with the endangered Asian Elephant while specially trained guides direct the proceedings. The camp’s primary goal is to educate campers about Asia’s largest land animal while providing a sanctuary for these important creatures.

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