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Eco-Chic Chair from David Francis Furniture

Eco-Chic Chair from David Francis Furniture

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David Francis Furniture has been making unique, handcrafted furniture for over 25 years using casual materials like cane, rattan and bamboo. The new collection uses plant-based renewable, raw, materials which are manufactured using recycled substances that conserve resources.

This luxurious new piece contains a smooth plantation-grown hardwood frame and lined with a plush green cushion made completely out of recycled material.

“Most important, by creating high-quality, timeless designs, we remain committed to the movement against disposable furniture and toward a healthier planet,” said David Francis.

The simple design fits nicely with any other pieces in the room and will be enticing to those who pass it by. The chair is available in 17 standard finishes, plus custom match; spring & down cushion is also available, as well as COM for fabric.

For more information on David Francis Furniture go to visit www.DavidFrancisFurniture.com.

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