Sky’s the limit when it comes to picking your choice for space travel! As space tourism is set to take off, so are the spaceflight companies who are wooing bold travelers with out-of-the-world options and experiences. Pioneering a new frontier at the edge of space, we bring to you the latest from Arizona-based company World View Enterprises. Last month, the commercial balloon spaceflight company successfully completed a scaled test flight of its high-altitude balloon systems and broke the world record for the highest parafoil flight in the process. Crossing a major milestone for the company, this marks the first time all elements of the spaceflight system were tested together.  Priestmangoode_World-View_Capsule-spaceWith a vision to take Voyagers on the journey of a lifetime, the company’s high-altitude balloons will let tourists gently soar for hours in a comfortable, smartly designed space capsule. With a total travel time of five hours from launch to landing, space travelers will be able to float along the edge of space for more than two hours.

world_view_interiorsCosting $75,000, the space flight will allow World View Voyagers to gaze upon spectacular, life-changing vistas for the first time, as they sail along the frontier of space.Priestmangoode_World-View_Capsule-runway-sunrise Priestmangoode_World-View_CapsulePowered by a helium balloon, World View trips in pressurized capsule are intended to begin before dusk with an estimated travel time of an hour and half to cross 100,000 feet. Voyagers will be seated in first-class cabin designed by British studio Priestmangoode.

World View Experience_cabin_layoutThe pod has been designed with four circular windows, each of which would allow two of the six passengers a front row seat.Priestmangoode_World-View_Capsule-Landing-GearEven the interiors, including a bar, a snack area and a bathroom, will be high on luxury quotient with the use of materials like carbon fiber and leather. Other deluxe features include internet access so that space travelers can instantaneously share their experiences via social media.Priestmangoode_World-View_Capsule-runway Looking for a new summer travel destination? How about soaring to 120,000 feet off the ground to check out the Earth’s curve with World View at almost one third of the cost offered by other space travel companies. The tour will be offered to the public in 2016. 

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