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Buy a home, get a free Bentley

Buy a home, get a free Bentley

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Sounds like a steal:

Desperately trying to sell his house, a Cardiff homeowner decided it’s time to bring a special offer to the potential buyers’ attention, after he has already dropped the price from $2 million to $1,799,000, Luxist reported.”We’re going to add in a bonus to the person who buys the house,” said Bob Lehman. “We’re going to throw in a dream car.” Curious about the car? We already told you it’s a Bentley, but you want to know the exact model for sure. Well, the dream car that Lehman is talking about is a 2007 Bentley convertible, with less than 15,000 miles on it. According to its current owner, this was the first Bentley in San Diego and that he paid more than $200,000 for it. – from Auto