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Artist Will Cotton paints Katy Perry’s new album cover

Artist Will Cotton paints Katy Perry’s new album cover

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It’s no coincidence artist Will Cotton created the painting for Katy Perry’s new album cover. It’s been a perfect storm of timing as Katy Perry’s latest video “California Gurls” reaches almost 23 million views on youtube and is the number one video in itunes. According to Katy Perry first heard about Will Cotton when a friend sent a link to his website. It wasn’t long before the two were collaborating on her new album cover; Cotton painted a nude Perry in a cotton candy cloud that also shows up in the video. Which by the way, art director for the video was Will Cotton. There you see Cotton’s brightly colored confectionary landscapes a la live action. It’s all a mix of perfect ingredients as “The artist explained how he had long admired Perry from afar, clipping images of her from magazines as a source of inspiration for his paintings.”

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