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A still moment in time captured in the Ocean’s Edge Table

A still moment in time captured in the Ocean’s Edge Table

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We see more and more organic and natural inspiration in designer furniture pieces. The surrounding environment is re-imagined in many new furniture designs, one of which is the Ocean’s Edge Table. According to its designer, America-based Tyson Atwell, the new dining table ” is part of an ongoing body of work utilizing a CNC router to digitally sculpt oceanic waveforms moving across planar wood surfaces”. With experiments utilizing new technologies and designers composing new ideas, the design game is about to change very soon.

Imagine how it would be to dine at a table that rises out of and dips back in to shape – an undulating tabletop reminiscent of the curves naturally exhibited by water. The tabletop speaks the language of modern design molded after a sequence of tide curves sourced from the entrance of the San Francisco Bay. This beautiful representation of a still moment in time will accompany you during many dinners with family and friends, creating a fascinating atmosphere.