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Windows 11: What New Features Can You Leverage for Enhanced Productivity?

Windows 11: What New Features Can You Leverage for Enhanced Productivity?

Windows 11 is on the way to its release, and for the first time in six years, Microsoft Windows marks the first software name change. The platform will bring significant changes to the Windows platform. It’s designed to bring several new features and a new interface that will enhance productivity as more of the world tries to balance between working at home and the office. 

How does this upgrade affect your MSP business? We reached out to various IT experts to establish how they are prepared for the transition, especially where their customers are concerned. We also wanted to get insights into how they would leverage the technology to cement their place in the IT marketplace. Here, we share their feedback and thoughts about Windows 11. 

A Welcome Move

Jorge Rojas, the Managing Partner at Tektonic Inc., says that he is very eager to try Windows 11 as soon as possible. He believes the upgrade is a welcome move, and introducing it to their customers will be a plus for business. The free upgrade will potentially save users thousands of dollars, like what happened with the upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10. Users who did not upgrade on time had to part with money to effect the changes. 

Rojas continues to note that Windows 11 comes with many additional features. However, for a business environment, a noticeable feature is the ease of integration with the Microsoft 365 environment. The built-in Teams feature for communication is something that will probably replace Skype. 

In his final words, Rojas hopes that Windows 11 will have security updates to match the new world order. 

Enhanced Security Requirements

For a long time, MSPs have tried to convince their clients to purchase quality systems with TPM chips and encrypt their systems. Unfortunately, most businesses have regarded this information as a ‘sales tactic’ and have not given it much thought. 

Joe Cannata, the Owner at Techsperts, LLC, says that Windows 11 will make it easier for MSPs to convince their clients on this front. He says that after watching the Microsoft Windows 11 reveal event live, he quickly noticed that Windows 11 seems to be a natural progression of Windows 10. The enhanced security requirements will now be a requirement. 

A TPM chip is a trusted platform module that is embedded in modern systems for security purposes. The module is hardware-based and provides a tamper-resistant environment to enable the generation, storage, and protection of encryption keys. 

On Windows 10, users would typically need the chip to use features like BitLocker for the encryption and decryption of the hard drive. However, it was not a requirement to install the operating system. 

With Windows 11, the situation is different. Microsoft is updating the minimum system requirements. One noticeable difference is that the trusted platform module (version 2.0) will be a prerequisite. Without it, users won’t manage to install the operating system on a computer, nor can they configure security features. 

Without the TPM 2,0 chip, running the Windows PC Health Check tool will create an error. Installation of Windows 11 will also not be possible even if the rest of the hardware is compatible. 

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How Does Windows 11 Differ from Windows 10?

Windows 11 provides a new Windows experience that will bring users close to the people and things they love. The last 18 months have seen a new behavior in how people create meaningful connections digitally. Even as in-person interactions continue to make a comeback, Windows 11 will continue to make it easy for people to stay close no matter their location. 

This is why Windows 11 introduces Chat from Microsoft Teams. This is integrated into the Taskbar for instant connection through chat, text, video, or voice with all personal contacts. The feature is supported on Android, Windows, and iOS. If the user on the other end has not downloaded the Teams app, a connection is still possible through two-way SMS. 

Other new Windows 11 features that users are set to enjoy are:

  • Design and interface: the platform has Mac-like boundaries to the OS featuring clean rounded corners and pallid shades. The Start menu is iconic and moves to the center of the screen in the same way as the Taskbar. However, users can move these back to the left, just like in Windows 10. 
  • Android app integration: Android apps will be installable through the Amazon Appstore from within the new Microsoft Store. This move marks the beginning of a merge between mobile and laptop devices, which users have waited to see for a long time. 
  • Better virtual desktop support: Windows 11 will make it possible for users to set up virtual desktops in a way that is similar to macs. As such, they can toggle between several desktops simultaneously for work and personal use. In Windows 10, this was harder to do. 
  • The transition from monitor to laptop: Windows 11 comes with features called Snap layouts and Snap Groups. These are collections of the apps currently in use. They all sit in the Taskbar and can be minimized simultaneously for easier switching of tasks. Users can also easily connect and disconnect from a monitor without losing their open windows. 
  • Widgets: Widgets have been around for a while. The difference in Windows 11 is that users can directly access the widgets from the Taskbar and personalize them how they deem fit. 
  • Enhanced touchscreen, pen, and voice support: With the new upgrade, Microsoft aims at improving the experience for touch. There’s now more space between icons on the Taskbar. The platform also adds haptics to the digital pen, which creates vibrations that users can hear and feel when taking notes or drawing. The OS also comes with voice typing and commands throughout the system. 

Final Thoughts 

Windows 11 is officially on its way, and it has a lot to offer. The new platform has been redesigned for creativity, productivity, and ease of use. It marks a new beginning for businesses, mainly because of the incorporated Team feature that brings workers together regardless of their location. 

As businesses transition to Windows 11, we are here to help them leverage the new technology. We understand it’s never easy to move from a known zone to the unknown. However, with technological advancements, it’s always advisable to take advantage of well-thought-out developments. If you’d like professional help in making the most out of Windows 11, Ulistic has a wealth of IT Services we can recommend to you. Reach out to us and we’ll put you in touch with one of the best IT firms around.

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