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Why Just Enough Wines Premium Canned Wine Should Already Be in your Fridge

Why Just Enough Wines Premium Canned Wine Should Already Be in your Fridge

Jess Hershfield is the CEO and Founder of the premium canned wine company, Just Enough Wines. The incredibly successful and rapidly growing brand takes the concept of sustainability and high-quality wine to the next level. Their canned wine collection is gluten-free, GMO-free, vegan-friendly and doesn’t contain any added sugar. All their grapes are grown in a sustainably (SIP) certified vineyard and consciously crafted to meet supreme standards.

Jess partnered up with team members Kaitlyn Lo, co-founder and COO, and Ross Bentley, Director of Winemaking. As wine connoisseurs and innovative thinkers, they decided to create a portable wine option that had a more practical serving size (1 can is equivalent to 1.5 glasses of wine), while keeping the brand environmentally focused. 


In 2020, Just Enough Wines launched their Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Brut Bubbles, followed by a Rosé in May of 2021. Having only started selling in late September of 2020, Just Enough Wines is already plowing ahead as they continue to launch new editions to their wine assemblage and instill modern marketing to spread awareness about their brand.

Why are people gravitating towards canned wine instead of bottled? What are the benefits?


Cans provide many benefits that bottles cannot, and as the wine in cans continues to elevate, more consumers are gravitating to cans. For one, Just Enough Wines offers a manageable Serving Size – our 250ml cans equate to ~1.5 glasses of wine, providing a more practical serving size. 


Convenient packaging allows you to take your canned wine where you might not be able to with glass. No need for bottle opens, no worrying about glass breaking, and a more lightweight solution provides for wine drinking wherever you might want. 


Finally, in comparison to the traditional glass wine bottle, our cans are infinitely recyclable and reduce the overall carbon footprint of shipping and producing wine. We hate pouring wine down the drain. We imagine you do too. Our practical serving size means fewer unfinished bottles gone to waste.


How does Just Enough Wines stand out compared to other canned wine companies?


Just Enough was created as an approachable wine for all to enjoy. Our sleek and modern designed can was created with all people in mind, making it a wine anyone would choose. Beyond our design, we also believe we have some of the highest quality wines being put into a can today.  


What is your best-selling canned wine right now? Can you describe it?


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Our bestselling wine direct to consumer is our recently released 2019 Pinot Noir. Coming from Edna Valley, this Pinot is fruit forward, with notes of bright raspberries, vanilla spice, and a smooth cherry finish.


With retail, our white varietals do well. We recently launched a 2020 Chardonnay from Edna Valley, which is getting picked up by a lot of our retail partners. This Chardonnay has notes of vibrant lemon zest, refreshing pears, and a crisp vanilla tart.


What does the future look like for Just Enough Wines in the coming months? Any awaiting wine releases?


We’ll be releasing the next vintage of our brut bubbles just in time for all your holiday celebrations.




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