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Why Becoming a Real Estate Agent is the Perfect First Career Choice

Why Becoming a Real Estate Agent is the Perfect First Career Choice

Every year when the academic statistics are released, there is one specific figure that is always on the rise — the graduation numbers. Roughly 3.7 million students would be graduating from their high schools in the academic year 2020-2021. Another 4 million would graduate college in the same year.

Why are these numbers significant? These figures are also important because about half of the high school students and all of the graduates are going to be seeking employment.

If you are a recent high school or college graduate or about to be a graduate in this academic session, then there is a perfect career opportunity awaiting you in the field of real estate. You should seriously consider becoming a real estate agent and charting your own professional success.

Practical Reasons To Become A Real Estate Agent

Let us start with an overview of all the logical reasons why becoming a real estate agent is a wonderful way to get started on your career path. These reasons are meant to showcase why considering a career in this field is profitable for young professionals.

Cost Of Education Is Low

The primary reason is the relatively low cost of education. Though there are no federal rules for obtaining a real estate license, there are similar licensing rules across each state. An applicant needs to be above the minimum age, which in most states is 18/19 years old. The candidate has to undergo the mandatory pre-licensing course in a real estate school. Then the candidate needs to appear and clear the licensing test and complete the formalities to become a licensed real estate professional.

Although there are certain initial costs involved for the training and exam fees, these are affordable. This makes becoming a real estate agent a very attractive career choice.

You Can Start Working Immediately Upon Qualifying The Real Estate License Exam

As mentioned above, with such a large number of young professionals entering the job market, it is going to be highly competitive to find jobs. Many times college graduates find it challenging to acquire employment in their field of specialization.

Instead of opting for temping jobs or non-field-related employment, it is better to choose a career in real estate. Upon getting your license, it is relatively easy to join a brokerage and start working by helping home buyers and sellers, achieving your sales targets, and increasing your sphere of influence by networking with more people.

Excellent Income Potential

As of the first quarter of 2021, the average salary for a real estate agent stood at $48,608. This is promising for someone starting a new career as a real estate agent. Add to this the fact that there is no need for a college degree to begin a real estate career. Then this figure becomes all the better.

Excellent Income Potential -Dorrmat

As a real estate agent, you will be earning your money thru commissions. After assisting clients to sell their properties, you will be earning a percentage of the final sales amount as commission. This amount is split between the agents and the brokerage. However, this also means that your success and your income earning potential is in your hands.

Professional Growth Reasons To Become A Real Estate Agent

Now that you have a fair idea about why a real estate career is a promising choice, we would like to outline why even from the perspective of professional growth, being a successful real estate professional is ideal.

Real Estate Skills Are Transferable To Other Professions

The skills you learn in the real estate business will help you develop competencies that you can utilize if you do decide to switch to another career. The core responsibilities of generating leads, managing budgets, handling contract processes, and more will enable you to be suited to a wide range of career choices.

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A Career in Real Estate Equips You With Valuable Transferable Skills

For instance, if you decide to use an online real estate platform such as Dorrmat, a market leader among online real estate platforms, then you would develop a thorough understanding of the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool provided by Dorrmat. The CRM helps you in managing all your clients in a seamless manner and at glance view the progress of various house selling or buying that you are handling. CRM is a tool that is utilized in a wide range of professions. And learning about it as a real estate agent will definitely come in handy in your future.

Potential For Flexible Schedules

As a real estate agent, you are in control of your hours and the number of clients you wish to take on. This gives you a lot of freedom to schedule your workday, unlike a regular fixed hours office job. A career in real estate means you have the freedom to pursue further studies while working and earning. You could even choose to work part-time and study to get a degree. No other profession is so rewarding in terms of one’s hard work.

Faster Career Progress Compared To Other Professions

Unlike other major professions, in the real estate business, there is a fast track to career growth. After you have gained sufficient experience, you can become a realtor. Or you may wish to go for higher qualifications. For this, all you need to do is complete the state-mandated requirements. These requirements are taking further classes and appearing for the additional licensing test. Then after you have acquired your real estate broker license, you can even start your own brokerage, or hire a team of real estate agents and take your success to new levels.


In this article, we have tried to provide you with a glimpse of the career success that awaits you if you choose to become a real estate agent. Similar to other professions, a career as a real estate agent has its own set of challenges but the rewards of creating your own career growth are immensely satisfying too.

Not only are you in an ideal position to create your own path to success but are also integral to helping people in achieving their dreams of being a house owner. A career as a real estate agent is one of the few that let you earn money and also provides immense satisfaction.

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