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Which Road Signs are Guide Signs?

Which Road Signs are Guide Signs?


Guide signs are purposely used to give directions to road users on streets and highways and provide information in more fascinating ways. These guide signs can also offer directions to villages, towns, cities, and local locations that you may be looking for, such as historical sites, rivers, wildlife reserves, and national parks.

Generally, road guide signs provide information that helps motorists reach their destination through direct routes within a short period. Amazingly, some of the guide signs may provide you with mileage data for specific goals.

What Do These Signs Look Like?

Guide signs are made in different shapes, such as square rectangles and diamond-shaped posters. They mostly come in brown or green colors with white lettering.

What Kind of Information Do They Carry?

Guide signs carry loads of information that can help you reach your destination safely if keenly followed. Let us look at some examples of guide road signs.

Interstate Highway Sign

This sign tells you the route name or number of the interstate highway you are driving on. At times you can come across interstate highway signs that show you the direction. Interstate highways are also known as Expressways or Freeways, and they join two or more states and major cities. 

The road typically has controlled access meaning that you can only enter them via highway onramp. Note that you are prohibited from walking or cycling on interstate highways.

Most interstate highway signs have numbers, and every number has a meaning. The US boasts of Interstate highways that go to the east or west and are marked with even numbers, and those that travel to the north and south are given odd numbers.

Once you master what every interstate highway guideline sign means, it will be easy to follow the right direction and reach your destination quickly and safely.

US Route Sign

This sign informs you about the name of the US highway that you are driving on. US routes are frequently traveled and are typically four lanes with less controlled access than US highways.

State route signs are guide signs that are planned for thorough traffic and are used to help you before you come across a divergence or junction of two or more roadways. The guide sign can also verify the route you wish to follow and control the roadway city after a road interchange.

County Route Signs

County route signs indicate the name of the county road you are driving on, which is symbolized by a number. County roads are old and are run by the county government. Due to fewer state government funds, county roads are less maintained and therefore not so safe than interstate and US highways.

How Can You Identify A County Road Sign?

County road signs are usually yellow marked on a blue pentagon, a white and black rectangle. County roads in the US are not found in every county since some counties have no government. In this case, you can only find county road signs on counties that have county roads.

Destination Distance Sign

If you are traveling, knowing a mileage after someplace, the destination distance sign is what to look for as it tells you the miles you are left to travel before you reach your destination. It also indicates the destination’s road names and cities.

You will likely come across destination distance signs before intersections, and they help you choose which route you want to turn. Some of the destination distance signs include:

  • The single line destination sign
  • Available line destination mileage sign
  • The double line destination sign
  • Double destination mileage sign
  • The triple line destination sign
  • Triple line destination mileage sign
  • Single line distance sign
  • Double line distance sign
  • Triple line distance sign
  • Street name sign
  • Available line advance street name sign
  • Double line advance street name sign

Interstate Highway (Freeway/Expressway) Exit Sign

Indicates the exit number or the primary road name that the highway ramping connects to. The sign is ideal for travelers who are unfamiliar with a specific route or location. It gives you an explicit command to your destination. 

Interstate highway exit signs are planned parallel to the development of the highway site and geometric design.

Many interstate highway exit signs have exit numbers that you can follow to your destination.

See Also

Toll Guide Signs

Toll /charge guide signs are put on highways to convey a message to you that there are expressways or freeways ahead of you, and you should be ready to pay a fee charge of the road you are using.

When you are on the charge road, you will come across typical guide indicators that are put in place to direct and manage traffic flow so that you can find your destination and any other location you’re searching for.

Charge roads always have fee collection points at the entrance and extra consideration shown on the guide sign around the structures.

Rest Area Guide Signs

Rest area guide signs direct you to a public facility that you can rest near large roads such as motorways, highways, and expressways. You can stopover at the rest area and either fuel your car, eat, and relax without exiting onto subordinate roads.

Professionally Manufactured Guide Signs

Worksafe Traffic Control Industries has a full selection of top-notch guide signs for all your mileage and direction needs and all types of roads ranging from county, route, and interstate highways. 

Workspace guide signs are available in reflective aluminum and meet all new MUTCD requirements. Our signboards are rust free and can withstand harsh weather conditions for many years.

We ensure that you are guided with consistent signs while on the road and approaches when driving from one state to another, on the highway and county roads. Our characters take in geometric and geographical considerations and ensure that they contribute significant changes in the streets.

We are professional in our work, and we take on government orders, whether big or small. We proudly serve our country with all guide sign posters at pocket-friendly prices.


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