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Where To Ride Your Electric Bike in Miami

Where To Ride Your Electric Bike in Miami


People who are new to electric bicycles often have many questions, such as “Is it legal to ride this on streets and bike paths?” and “How many miles can an electric bike go?” Under Florida law, it is generally legal to ride your e-bike anywhere you could take a traditional bicycle, although different municipalities can make their own regulations. As for how many miles you can go, it depends on factors such as whether you ride full throttle or just use the pedal assist, but in the latter case, you can often go between 30 and 50 miles on a single charge.

Because of its favorable weather and gentle terrain, Miami is a great place for recreational bike riding of any sort. Here are some of the most popular trails to check out.

Biscayne Trail

The Biscayne Trail is only three miles long and paved, so if you need a refresher before setting out on a long ride or are getting used to electric bikes for tall riders, this can be a good way to reintroduce yourself to cycling. You’ll find that some biking trails in Miami charge a fee to use, but this one is free, which is another benefit. The trail begins in Palmetto Bay, which you can reach by heading east on 87th Avenue.

Old Cutler Trail

This 11-mile trail allows you to stop and visit the Deering Estate, Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden, Matheson Hammock Park, and Pincreast Gardens. Or you can just enjoy riding under the banyan trees and touring some beautiful Coral Gables neighborhoods. This paved trail is free to ride.

Commodore Trail

The Commodore Trail takes you through four different parks, making for a very scenic five-mile ride along its paved surface. The trail is free to ride and also passes by the Vizcaya Museum and the Museum of Science/Planetarium, which are interesting places to stop.

Crandon Park

If you want to spend part of your day riding your bike and part enjoying the beach, Crandon Park is the place to go. It is free for bicycles to enter. It doesn’t have biking trails per se, but the paved sidewalks go on for several miles.

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Rickenbacker Trail

If you like ocean views and are interested in taking your bike over water, check out Rickenbacker Trail. It gets its name from the Rickenbacker Causeway located in Key Biscayne. The bridge overlooking Brickell offers spectacular views and is free to bicyclists. Altogether, the Rickenbacker Trail consists of eight and a half paved roads.

Oleta River State Park

Oleta River State Park has bicycling trails that suit riders at any level, whether expert, intermediate, or beginner. Novices have over four miles of trails available to them, while those looking for more of a challenge have over 10 miles of trails at the intermediate and expert levels. If you choose to ride at Oleta River, or in any Florida state park, be sure to review the applicable regulations first. For example, only electric pedal-assist bikes are allowed, and there are certain areas where they are not permitted.

If you’re looking for the perfect electric classic ladies bike to ride recreationally in Miami, you can find great deals from online retailers.

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