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What You Need to Know about Buying Rattan Furniture

What You Need to Know about Buying Rattan Furniture

When you are decorating any outdoor area, you will first notice the massive choices available for the material. One popular option is rattan. Due to the higher price these pieces are found at, you will want to know everything you can first.


Why Choose Rattan?


What makes rattan more popular than easier to maintain materials, such as metal or wood? If you are looking at natural fibers, the other two are better choices. However, synthetic pieces are easier to care for, cheaper, and weigh less than any other material on the market. It is also found in neutral colors that match any design plan and uses cushions for comfort.


What to Consider

  • Garden Size – Measure twice and purchase once when it comes to outdoor furniture.
    • Divide the space into square sections
    • Imagine a cube placed over the furniture piece and measure the entire box (this covers any uneven edges)
  • Surroundings – Keep a fluid environment from indoors to outside.
  • Warranties – Ensure you know how long a product is designed to last, and what the warranties cover.
  • Budget – Know how much you plan to spend and what your flexibility is. If you have a very set amount, do not feel pressured to exceed that plan.
  • Use – Which pieces you purchase will be largely based on how you plan to use them
    • Relaxation: Rattan furniture will need several pillows to increase comfort.
    • Entertaining: Regularly used items will need to be cleaned more often


Universal Colors


You have two options in purchasing rattan furniture: natural and synthetic. When considering natural fibers, you find products that come in neutral colors. However, they can be treated similarly to wood. You can stain or paint the pieces in any color you desire. With that said, make sure whatever product you use to coat the furniture is weather-resistant. Synthetic pieces are similar to plastic and are available in whatever color you desire. Just remember that black, brown, and grey go with any design style.


 What is Synthetic Rattan Constructed From?


Rattan pieces made of natural fibers are generally used indoors or screened-in porches. However, synthetic is durable enough for the outdoors. If this leads you to wonder, “what is used to make the synthetic material?” then you are not alone. While similar to plastic, these styles use a polyurethane substance that is UV-resistant. It is weatherproof and easy to clean. You still want to plan on storing the furniture in the off-season to preserve life.


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Accessorizing the Furniture


Rattan furniture is best when you accessorize it. The following are ideas to think about:

  • Covers – Keeps it cleaner and protects from sun damage.
  • Cushions – Extends life of material and adds to comfort.
  • Sheds – Store the furniture during the winter or poor weather.


In addition to direct furniture accessories, you should also consider adding to the environment:

  • Patio Heaters
  • Lazy Susans
  • Outdoor Lighting
  • Potted Plants


You will spend more money on rattan furniture, but it lasts for years. Check out this rattan furniture to see the variety of options available for any outdoor space.

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