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What type of mattress is comfortable for your body?

What type of mattress is comfortable for your body?

Buying a mattress might not be a process that invites a ton of consideration and research, but it really should be. With the exception of your smartphone, your mattress is the object that you spend the most time with during the day. Even if you only use your bed when you sleep, you are still spending an average of one-third of your day on your mattress, if you’re getting the recommended 8 hours of shut-eye per night. If you also lounge on your bed while you watch Netflix, or when you are going through your feed on Instagram, then you’re probably spending as much as half of your day stuck to your mattress. 

You could avoid a whole lot of aches, pains, discomfort and even allergies when you opt for the right mattress. Here are some body-related considerations that you should keep in mind when you are selecting a mattress.



Your height determines the mattress size that you will need to get. Types of mattresses may refer to the technology and materials used in their making, or might alternatively refer to mattress dimensions.

  • Child size 

If you are buying a mattress for your school-going child, a twin mattress will usually suffice.

For a slightly older child or a petite adult sleeping alone, a twin XL or a twin plus mattress should do the trick. If your kids share a bed, a full or a double XL mattress is recommended.

  • Adult size 

Tall adults should always opt for a king size mattress and bed. Don’t compromise by saying, “I usually sleep in the foetal position”, because there will always be moments when you might want to lie on your back or your stomach. 

If you are a pet owner, and you allow your cat or dog to sleep at the base of your bed, you might want to consider the California king mattress. This size leaves enough room for both — humans and their furry companions. 

For two adults sharing a bed, a queen size bed is advisable. Alternatively, you might be able to manage with a full or a double XL mattress. 


If you suffer from backaches, mattresses can offer you relief, or alternatively, can make your pain worse. Below are a few pointers for people with ailments.

  • Shoulder pain and any spine-related aches can be easily alleviated with the memory foam mattress that supports the whole body by taking its shape. 
  • If you have the budget, you can also opt for a latex mattress which offers great support for your spine. Just like the memory foam mattress, but to a greater degree, it contours to the shape of your body and thereby provides excellent support. 
  • You do not want a bouncy hybrid mattress if you suffer from aches and pains. 
  • Similarly, a stylish and chic water bed might not work for you. 
  • An air mattress can prove to be expensive because of the technology that goes into its making. However, if you share your bed, and you each have different firmness requirements, this type of mattress is ideal for you.
  • If you are constrained by budget, but still need a mattress with good support, your best bet is the spring mattress — also known as the innerspring mattress, or the memory foam mattress.

All the mattress types we just described are usually available across various mattress sizes. Thus, you can get a memory foam king-size mattress or a hybrid king-size mattress, among other types. 


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Memory foam mattresses are some of the most popular types of mattresses available, and they come with amazing additional benefits, such as the ability to keep bed bugs, dust mites and mould at bay. However, they are heat activated, and can make the user feel marginally warmer. If you feel cold when you sleep, or live in one of India’s rare cooler locations, a regular memory foam mattress might be perfect for you. Alternatively, you could opt for a memory foam mattress that is gel-infused, or has some sort of cooling ability. 

Sleeping position 

If you sleep on your side, you might wake up with an aching shoulder and hip. This happens because your entire body weight is being supported by your shoulder and hip, but these areas of your body are not getting sufficient support from the mattress. Fix this issue with either a memory foam mattress or a latex mattress.  

For back sleepers, you’re looking for support for your spine, and as such, you should look for a spring mattress. If you are going for a hybrid mattress instead, ensure that it is especially firm. On the other hand, if you’re a stomach sleeper, do your back and neck a favour, and opt for the firmest mattress possible. You don’t want your stomach and pelvic bone sinking in, and curving your spine the wrong way.

Whether you want a Durfi mattress, a Kurlon mattress, or a Sleepwell mattress, ensure you get the mattress type and size that is best suited for your body. If you want an air mattress, or if your back needs an especially firm innerspring mattress, do not fret about the costs involved. Just use the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card, and pay in pocket-friendly EMIs with flexible tenors ranging from 3 months to 24 months.


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