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What Should You Do When You Misfuel Your Car?

What Should You Do When You Misfuel Your Car?

While it might seem silly or sometimes impossible to misfuel your vehicle, it’s one of the most common mistakes that car owners tend to make. However, it’s a mistake that you can easily avoid, especially if you’re a little bit careful when putting fuel in your vehicle. It has been disclosed that more than 150,000 drivers around the world make this mistake each year, which suggests that this mistake must be dealt with at the earliest. 


In this all-inclusive blog post, we’ll be taking a look at some of the best solutions that you can opt for when you accidentally put the wrong fuel inside your vehicle. 


Top Tasks To Perform When You Misfuel Your Vehicle


  1. Don’t Drive The Vehicle


According to a reliable car removal company offering cash for cars services, if you drive your car with the incorrect fuel inside it, then it can easily cause serious damage to the internals of your vehicle. Moreover, driving your mis-fueled vehicle will make it ineligible for your vehicle insurance, because the vehicle insurer will deem such an action because of negligence. Therefore, the prudent task to perform at this stage would be to park your vehicle in a safe spot and remove your car keys from the ignition. 


  1. Transport Your Vehicle To A Safe Area


In case you’re already at the fueling station and haven’t left yet, then you’re already in a safe area. However, if the other drivers are not happy with your vehicle’s presence, then you can simply put your vehicle in neutral gear and ask someone to help you push the vehicle to another safe spot. 


Alternatively, if you’re on the side of your road, then it’s better to stay at that spot by turning off the car engine, till help arrives.


  1. Opt For Help


Once you’ve transported yourself and your vehicle to a safe spot, it’s time to call for professional assistance. It’s better not to tamper with something that you don’t have any idea about and instead be patient till the assistance arrives.

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How Can You Avoid Mis-Fueling Your Vehicle?


The following are some of the basic tips & tricks you can adopt to avoid any mis-fueling scenario:

  • You should never count on the colour of the nozzle or the hose when differentiating between diesel & petrol. Instead, you have to take the time and properly read the labels as well as the fuel grade indicator. 
  • When in uncertainty, you can always ask your nearby drivers to help you out when fueling your vehicle. 
  • Avoid rushing the process of fueling your vehicle, because you’re more likely to make a mistake that way. 


In case you have any supplemental queries, be sure to contact our experts today. 

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