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What Makes Clip in Extensions a Better Choice for You? And Great Ways to Style it

What Makes Clip in Extensions a Better Choice for You? And Great Ways to Style it

The first point to consider before getting clip-in hair extensions is if the color of the hair extensions will match your hair color. If it doesn’t, any other problems with the extensions are pretty much negligible. 


You have to remember that there are 100s of different shades for every type of natural hair color – Therefore, if this isn’t something you’re aware of beforehand, it’s best to choose a clip in extensions shade that’s closest to your hair color. 


For example, blonde wigs are usually worn by people with lighter colored brown or dark blonde hair because applying a blonde wig over a darker shade will be obvious and noticeable.


What to Know Before Buying Clip-In Hair Extensions?

It’s not necessary for them to exactly match your hair as long as they don’t contrast too much with your hair color. If there is at least a 3-4 shade difference, you will be able to pull off the look well enough.



Before purchasing clip-in hair extensions, another thing that should go through your mind is whether your natural hair can hold up under heat without sustaining significant damage. 


Clip-in extensions are typically made out of human Remy fibers, which means they are very lightweight and natural. You can style them using a flat iron or curling iron to style them. 


Use Low Temperatures

It’s best if you try using heated appliances on the lowest setting when styling extensions because high temperatures or curling irons can cause the glue to melt, causing the extensions to fall off. Be sure to use setting powder when styling extensions with hot tools because it will help protect them from heat damage.



Since clip-in hair extensions are made from real human hair, there are many ways you can style them without having too much of a hassle – You have to be smart about what you’re doing! 


If your natural hairs are straight and the clip-in extensions aren’t heavy enough, make sure not to overdo it with curling irons or flat irons. This is because excessive heat from styling appliances like irons may cause issues like split ends for both your hair and the wig itself!


Ways to Style Clip-in Hair Extensions


If you’re looking for ponytail ideas, the best way to wear your clip-ins is actually with a half-up, half-down look. Start by pulling back your hair extensions and hair into a low ponytail – Make sure that the band is tight enough for this.


Then take another small section of your natural hair and pull it up over the top of the band, so your hair conceals it. Pulling back some of your strands will make this look much more realistic because no one would be able to tell where the artificial locks start.


Ballerina Bun

A ballerina bun can also make for an exciting style with lash extensions. This style is perfect for people who have thin or medium-length hair because it will give your locks some volume. 

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Start by taking an even section of your natural hair and twist it away from the face, so it’s tight enough to create a bun. Then, take smaller sections of your clip-in extension and pin both the natural hair and the extensions into place with bobby pins.


Dutch Braid

The Dutch braid style can be done on medium or long hair lengths, depending on how you like it styled. To do this look, start by making two dutch braids across each other (One regular dutch braid next to another reversed dutch braid). 


Once that is finished, secure them together at the back with an elastic band. Pull out some strands around the face if you’d like – It will give the style a more casual look.


Half Up-Do

This type of half updo is easy to do and requires only some bobby pins and hairspray. First, comb your natural hair away from the face and make sure it’s smooth before securing all of it behind your head with an elastic band. 


Then take sections of your lash extensions and pin them up to the top of the head – You might need another person for this process because it can be difficult alone. You can leave loose strands around the face or ones that are braided as well – It depends on how you like your hair to look.


What makes hair extensions great is the fact that you can style your hair without causing damage. You also have the freedom to change your look frequently.


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