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What Is The Releasing Date Of Featured Song BlackPink ft PewDiePie?

What Is The Releasing Date Of Featured Song BlackPink ft PewDiePie?

The most amazing and fascinating fact is to see a group of individuals curiously waiting for something and if you haven’t heard the name, I tell you that it is “Blackpink”, the song featured by PewDiePie. It is not the title of the name but also personifies a band of Korean girls named BlackPink.PewDiePie needs no introduction cause to be a person having 100+ million subscribers on youtube and a huge fan following all over the world.

The Youtuber followed by the YouTuber and known to be the trend-maker that is the PewDiePie but it is not common for him making the music albums, one song of his album that got popular is the “Congratulation” that was written to competitively congratulates the T-Series, the war between both of them is for years.


Getting back to the main context Let’s see what is BlackPink all about? and why it is named this way. Girls who plan to shatter the stereotypic manias triumphing in society. Yes, You pick it right, it is the girl’s group from South Korea, a group named “BlackPink”.

The South Korean Girls Group “BlackPink”

The group got success in 2016 after releasing a bunch of amazing albums in this session which got popular in no time. This was the reason the brand got widespread within a few days. Two extremely amazing mini-albums “Square Up” and “Kill This Love” for which the group received a tremendous welcome globally when released. 

The girls in the BlackPink have formed a landmark after live-performing at one of the top-rated and the biggest music concert ever held in the US. After establishing their international sight through a fragment a song famous for hit popup beats, the Korean girls are coming up with its latest release song in a few days featuring the social media sensation and Youtuber start, PewDiePie.

The song is tagged BlackPink Ft PewDiePie and it is said that it is going to be one of the top-hit of the PewDiePie as indulged with the famous girl’s group. However the title of the song has not yet been revealed, so subscribes to our newsletter to be the one to get instantly updated.


Members of BlackPink Group:


The BlackPink group contains just 4 members and you can see the overall popularity is not due to an individual but for the whole group, that’s why these are too much interlinked.

  • Jisoo
  • Jennie 
  • Rosé
  • Lisa

The girls are too much popular throughout the world, even except than their brand name, people know them from the individual identity. For their distinctive and quality acts in the entertainment industry, they are the star-icons, and the new song with PewDiePie is expected to breakthrough the entertainment industry magnificently.

Fans appreciated the efforts in making Black pain ft PewDiePie and enjoyed all the music albums from this group, these were also ranked high and trending in the top-rated platform such as Youtube and listen in Spotify.


What is the Exact Date of BlackPink Ft PewDiePie New Song Release?

The fans community of both the BlackPink Girls group and the Youtuber PewDiePie are curiously waiting for this song to be released soon. However, the exact date of release has been published about BlackPink Ft PewDiePie and the countdown is started which will take almost 1 month, you can check it.

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The less the time remains the more the excitement of the fans overwhelms, So, Stay subscribed to our newsletter and get the latest update.


Is it Going to Breakthrough the Music Industry?

You can say it, as the efforts are divided into two sections. The one side is the social media sensation and Youtuber Start, while the Famous Korean Girls group is working on the lyrics two which gives us a virtual journey through the fascinating lyrics of the songs by passing through the past albums by the BlackPink group.

The social media platforms like facebook and twitter is indulged with the fan’s expressions about the incoming song and it is said that it’ll break the 24hours view count of the youtube.So visit the BlackPink Ft PewDiePie site daily to get updated with the live counter of the song release.


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