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What Is The Best Way To Store An Electric Bike?

What Is The Best Way To Store An Electric Bike?


Storing your electric bike is a must to guarantee a longer life span. So, it is important for a rider to know how to effectively maintain and store an electric bicycle while keeping it in perfect working conditions. This article will help you know more. 


After buying and making use of your e-bike, it is imperative to store it appropriately to ensure durability and sustained use. Therefore, a biker needs to have adequate knowledge about how and where to store their electric bikes. This involves knowing the right temperature, humidity, and environment to prevent it from rusting or decreasing in functionality. 

For anyone who does not plan to make use of their ebikes for extended periods, it is of more importance to care for your e-bike and the battery throughout when it is stored. Although it is possible to leave a regular bicycle in the garage for a long while, electric bikes require frequent maintenance. According to this e-bike site, the best way to maintain your bike is to ride it frequently and avoid abandoning it for prolonged periods. The best way to maintain your bike is to ride it frequently and avoid abandoning it for prolonged periods. So, this article is aimed at showing riders how to effectively store their electric commuter bikes safely. 

The factors to consider before storing your ebike

While preparing your electric bikes for storage, you should consider three main factors, which are: proper cleaning, charging, and care for the battery. These play an integral role in the overall maintenance of your e-bike’s functionality. 

  • Learn about your battery

The first step to storing your ebike is knowing its battery specifications well. The batteries used are of different types, however, the commonest types are mostly lead or lithium-based. Of these two, the lead type requires the most frequent care, and should not be stored at higher temperatures to avoid rapid deterioration of the battery life. 

Lithium-ion batteries are considered to be the ones that need to be tended to most frequently, and should not be stored at high temperatures as this can quickly decrease their battery life. So, experts recommend that you charge the battery at least every three months, while stored in a cool and dry place. Refrigerating the battery is also an option. In order to ride your electric bike with long range, Yo

Lithium batteries usually come in various types such as Lithium Manganese, Lithium-Ion, and Lithium Iron Phosphate. Although these last for a longer period of 6 months, the burst out should still be stored in the same conditions as the lead batteries. KBO Breeze commuter bike using

  • Keep your battery charged

The next step is to ensure the battery is always charged as instructed by the company. If the battery is not charged, it can cause gradual deterioration till the battery dies. Because the batteries are too expensive to replace, you should not allow your battery to discharge below a recommended cut-off voltage. A charger will not detect a battery that is already below the designated cut-off voltage, therefore it cannot be recharged. A well-known electric bicycle brand like KBO bike offers the best commuter ebikes, using a 48v Samsung battery and a 500-watt hub motor.

  • Always clean your electric bike

When you have taken care of maintaining your bike, it is best  to make sure it is cleaned regularly, especially if it is to be kept for extended periods. If you allow dirt, water, or mud to build upon your bike, it could cause corrosion and damage to its parts, so endeavor to clean it regularly. 

Ways to Prepare your electric bike for storage

Once you have learned why it is necessary to maintain your e-bike before and while storing it, the next stage is to know the steps needed to carry this out. 

  • Ensure the battery is stored separately

The main rule to remember for electric bikes is to not leave the battery on, while it is being stored. Due to the variations in temperatures, it is possible for condensation to build up and corrode the battery’s contacts. Therefore, you must remember to remove the battery from the ebike before preparing it to be stored. Applying a little thin layer of grease on the battery can protect the contacts from corroding. If you are looking for the best electric bikes for seniors, KBO Breeze step thru ebike with removable battery is the best choice.  

  • The battery must be 30-80% charged 

Experts recommend that you do not store a battery fully charged or discharged. Instead, it should be kept within a range of 30 to 80% before storage. This is best because it helps in retaining the battery’s capacity for a long time. 

Temperature is another factor to consider when storing batteries. In the case of lithium batteries, as the powdered lithium gets warm, it causes a decrease in electrical resistance that makes the battery discharge faster. So, you should keep the battery in cold conditions to ensure it remains fully charged throughout the time of storage. 

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Endeavor to not leave your e-bike’s battery charging all through when it is being stored. Instead of improving the battery life, it increases the risk of electrical fires. Therefore, invest in a wall-plug timer that turns off the main current after some time to make things easier. 

  • Keep the battery between a temperature of 0 – 20C

If you want to store your bike, it is advisable that you keep it in a room with a temperature of between 0 and 20 degrees Celsius (32 – 68 Fahrenheit) with 10 degrees Celsius (50 Fahrenheit) being the ideal temperature. This is another way to make your battery last longer. 

Clean the electric bike before storage 

There are few steps to consider when cleaning your ebike in preparation for storage. You only need washcloths, water, bicycle lubricant, and dishwashing soap to get this done. The major parts to clean include the frame, chain, and gears. The lubricant is applied to the chain to avoid rust. 

Do not use water running at high pressures to wash the bike, so it does not get damaged. You can apply some lubricant to your chain and cassette if kept dry. As soon as you have done some basic cleaning, you can dismantle the parts of the e-bike for much more thorough cleaning. 

Finally, always check the space where your e-bike is stored frequently. This keeps you abreast of the conditions of the room and protects your vehicle from rust and moisture.  


A bike owner should not be fazed by the processes involved in maintaining his/her electric bike. Instead, it is good to imbibe the precautions necessary to properly take care of and store your bike. When confused it is best to remember to check the user’s manual. Also, you can install a smoke detector or mount a fire extinguisher in case of electrical fires. 

Using a charger other than the one given to you by the manufacturer is highly discouraged. As long as you can comply with the instructions highlighted above, your electric bike would stay optimally functional and in perfect conditions. 

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