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What are the top styles for dresses in women’s fashion today? Check out these best summer choices!

What are the top styles for dresses in women’s fashion today? Check out these best summer choices!

Keeping up to date with trends and summer styles is key to looking and feeling your best during the warm and sunny summer months! Let’s check out some of the latest trends when it comes to women’s wear in 2021 that you will be sure to love! Add some of these newest pieces to your ever-growing wardrobe for timeless and classic style. 

The top 5 fashion advice for wearing dresses during the summer! 

Curious as to the latest summer dress trends that are taking over in 2021? If you want to stay fashionable during the hot summer months, you might be wondering what style of dress will be fashionable, trendy, in style and get you noticed among the thousands of other people wearing casual summer clothes!


Instead of putting on jeans and a t-shirt on the hot summer days, you can instead stay cool and relaxed while wearing a flowy dress. Nothing is worse than sweating through your clothes – you don’t have to worry about this while wearing a dress! 


When browsing dresses, there are various styles that you need to consider purchasing before you actually bite the bullet and buy your favorite style. There are open-back dresses, mini-dresses, long dresses, slit dresses, and much more. By trying on some of the most popular trends and styles, you can see which one works for your style, personality, and body type. 

Open-back dresses

One of the most popular summer trends when it comes to dresses in 2021 is the open-back dress. This dress is simple and sleek, making it the perfect option for a nighttime or evening event where you want to dress up a little bit more than you would during the day. You can also wear an open-back dress during the day if the dress is flowy and patterned, making it a perfect summer staple.


The open-back dress is subtle, but shows a little bit of skin, making it a respectable and stylish piece for any time of the day. You can pair a maxi open-back dress with a nice pair of heels and wear your hair up or down for the full effect of having a stylish and high-end nighttime outfit. Or if you are wearing this type of dress during the day, you can pair the dress with flats or sneakers for added comfort. 

Floss dresses

Although this type of dress might seem difficult to stay up and stay on while you are out walking around, rest assured the construction and style is proven to be reliable and trustworthy while you are out sightseeing or walking around the city! Floss dresses refer to a dress type that uses very thin spaghetti straps to give the illusion of a strapless dress without the inconvenience of not having any straps.


Instead of worrying about your dress falling down or having to pick up the top of your dress without your hands every few minutes, you can rest assured the floss spaghetti straps will do their job! When browsing dresses, you can wear this floss dress as a maxi length for a nighttime occasion for added style.


You can also wear floss dresses during the day if it is lightweight or a shorter length, paired with sandals or sneakers for perfect use at the beach or around a hot city. 

Ocean prints

The third trend to take into account when shopping for dresses during the summer months of 2021 is ocean prints on the material. Since everyone was stuck inside during 2020, we think the ocean prints are inspiring us to get outside and get exploring once more! This nature-inspired garment is the perfect choice for tropical wear at the beach or during vacation. 


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Many high-end designers are using floral and ocean prints in their latest dresses, helping influence other distributors and retail stores around the world to hop onto this fun and summer trend. For example, Versace has used various starfish, shell print, ocean print, and other floral print patterns in its dresses for the upcoming season!

Dresses with arm warmers

The fourth type of trend when it comes to dresses for the summer months is dresses with arm warmers. For the nighttime events where you need to look a little more formal than you would during the day, you can purchase a dress with arm warmers for a unique and interesting look that is sure to get people talking!


Dresses with arm warmers typically feature the lower part of the arms, and sometimes the hands, covered with the fabric of the dress. This leaves these shoulders exposed with spaghetti straps and can offer a little style that is unique and ideal for evening wear. 


Although it might seem counterintuitive to wear dresses due to the heat that have arm warmers, this is an easy way to keep warm when you are walking outside to and from various locations during the night. Furthermore, sometimes formal events are cold inside of a building, so having arm warmers is functional and stylish!

Saturated shades

The final type of trend when it comes to dresses for the 2021 fashion season is saturated shades. Bold colors are in! Along with candy colors and pastels, bold colors for our dresses are taking the world by storm, ensuring you will catch a person’s eye while you are out and about. If you have been using only neutrals for the past few months, such as beige, light pink, and brown, consider adding a pop of colors to your wardrobe by adding bright-colored dresses.


As you can see, figuring out the latest trends when it comes to dresses is key to finding the right style for any occasion! Choose between saturated shade dresses, arm sleeve dresses, ocean print dresses, open-back dresses, and much more! Browse the different styles of dresses so you can choose the best type for your everyday looks, special occasions, and professional events. Select a variety of dresses so you can be ready to go for any type of event in any kind of weather! 

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