Since wearable tech is such a big thing these days, companies try to innovate as much as they can, in order to make their product appealing to people. After Samsung and Sony, Nissan, the automotive brand, unveiled at Frankfurt a device that monitors your car’s performance, in real-time. Basically, Nisan promises a smartwatch that is capable to communicate with your car, keeping track of the speed and fuel consumption while you keep your hands are on the wheel. Easy, safe and fun!

Gareth Dunsmore, the brand’s Marketing Communications General Manager, explains: “We want to take advantage of this innovative technology to make our Nismo brand more accessible.”

To store data, you need to install an app on your smartphone. The “route” is simple: car-smartwatch-smartphone. And since the social (media) component cannot be ignored these days, Nismo will track also your activity on Facebook, Twitter and other platforms via Nissan’s Social Speed software. Nismo will be available in three colours (black, white or red-black) and it will be manufactured using recycled rubber from racetrack tyres. Smartwatch Watch-Car-Connection