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Visit the 15 Most Incredible Luxury Vacations Around the World

Visit the 15 Most Incredible Luxury Vacations Around the World


Someone said, “The world’s like a thick book, and those who don’t travel read only one page.” Travelling to different places indeed exposes our mind and soul to new experiences. It’s the key to happiness and a break from the monotonous routine. We travel to remain sane and recharged. EaseMyTrip is one such platform that encourages people like you to distress by helping you visit the most beautiful destinations worldwide. Making your travel plans to your desired destination, actually work is the first thing to be delighted about. The second is the exotic and aesthetic places waiting for you to notice them. So let’s not wait and start exploring your travel options around the globe. You might be wondering what a sauna blanket treatment price is.


15 Most Incredible Luxury Vacations around the World  


We all desire to visit posh places in the world. The rich architecture and service melt our hearts. Besides, it provides us with comfort. Travelling isn’t just visiting sightseeing places and eating food specialties. It’s also about finding yourself amongst the beautiful buildings and strangers. So let’s discover some luxurious places to make memories and enjoy the best moment of your life. 


  1. Guana Island for an isolated experience

Are you fond of private islands? Then, the Guana of the British Virgin Islands

is the place for you. This place is considered one of the most unspoiled jewels. The island’s elegance reflects due to well-maintained surroundings that cover 850 acres. Guana is a luxurious hideaway place that allows guests to explore art, literature, politics, and industries. The island was also one of the locations for the classic movie from 1958, Virgin Islands.

Things to do on the island 


  1. Feel the serenity of the water through skiing 
  2. Brighten your day through air and water during Kite surfing
  3. Know various fishes at local and deep-sea fishing 
  4. Take on the water adventure with Wake-boarding
  5. See what’s inside the sea through scuba dive


Places to visit for tourists in Guana

  1. Spring Regatta hosted for 7-day sailing races throughout the island
  2. White sand beaches with privacy and serenity
  3. Find creatures like Caribbean Roseate Flamingo, Stout Rock Iguana, Red-Legged Tortoise, and Bridled Quail Dove
  4. Attend the cruise ship and the bars of Jost Van Dyke for a fascinating experience
  5. You can also visit The Baths on Virgin Gorda, snorkel the coral reefs near Anegada and enjoy the Cooper Island

  1. Mardan Palace for a luxurious balance

Does your heartbeat for sophisticated 5-star hotels? The Titanic Mardan Palace is situated in Antalya, Turkey. The hotel is celebrated on the shores of the Mediterranean sea with lagoon-style 5 acres of pools. It has over 560 rooms with dreamy architecture for perfect photos. Furthermore, it extends to a private beach where you can sip your favorite wine and look at the clear sky while dipping your feet in the sea. It’s perfect to balance luxury and comfort.


Things to do at the Palace


  1. Shop some upscale clothing and accessory brands
  2. Experience the most romantic honeymoon stay with their exclusive services
  3. Sports lovers can indulge in Pilates and yoga classes, Zumba, strength training and water sports
  4. Watch and listen to the phenomenal performances in their themed restaurants and bars
  5. Let your kids relax in the Tini Kids Club
  6. Surf alongside the 10,000 sq.m pristine sand and avail the filmy towel+umbrella service
  7. Play in their family-friendly aquapark, which has six waterslides


Places to visit for tourists in Turkey


  1. AyaSofya
  2. Ephesus
  3. Cappadocia
  4. Pamukkale
  5. Mount Nemrut


  1. Musha cay and the islands of The Copperfield Bay

Redefine your privacy by visiting the Musha Cay and David Copperfield islands in the Bahamas. They are hidden on the outcast of The Exumas in the Caribbean Sea. The islands extend to 700 acres of natural beauty. If you are fond of greenery, this is the perfect place for you. Besides, it has 40 white sand beaches and exclusive accommodation around crystal clear water and palm trees. In addition, you can book yourself a residence with aesthetic interiors and a private beach.

Things to do at Musha Cay island 


  1. Play tennis championship
  2. Attend outdoor theatre with beach view and two-storey silver screen
  3. Relax with the tropical scenery on the beach bed and a private picnic setting
  4. Rejuvenate through a steaming massage
  5. Snorkelling tour, Diving, Jet skiing, sailing, and exploring coral reefs


Places to visit for tourists in the Bahamas


  1. Cable beach
  2. Aqua venture
  3. Cat Cay
  4. Blue Lagoon Island
  5. Port Lucaya Marketplace

  1. The incredibly tall Burj Al Arab 

One of the most iconic places is Dubai’s Burj AI Arab. It’s 14m taller than the Eiffel tower and looks attractive. The 1790 sq.m in the interiors is embellished with 24-carat gold. Moreover, the hotel has more than 24000 sq.m of Statuario marble throughout. Great artists and sculptors used this marble. Not only this but also this hotel is built on an artificial island which makes your stay even more enjoyable.


Things to do in the hotel


  1. Talise spa experience and gym
  2. Fine dining with various options
  3. Reach the hotel through their helipad
  4. Visit the terrace with pools, private beach, and bars
  5. Try water sports like diving, fishing, kayaks, and more


Places to visit for tourists in Dubai


  1. Book your sightseeing tour of Dubai through the hotel and traverse around galleries, museums, safari, and the city
  2. Visit Burj Khalifa, which is 829.8 meters tall and has eye-catching views.
  3. Take a look at the most famous Dubai mall, which provides entry to Dubai Aquarium and Burj Khalifa. Besides, it has many fun activities and endless shopping options.
  4. Discover the history of Dubai by visiting the museum Al-Fahidi Fort
  5. Book a tour of the most beautiful mosque of Dubai, Jumeirah Mosque


  1. Bora Bora and mesmerising Aqua



Bora Bora is undoubtedly one of the most eye-soothing aquatic destinations in the South Pacific. This place is located in the Northwest of Tahiti, and the airport is placed on a separate island known as Motu Mete. You are greeted upon your arrival and are boated to Bora Bora. Moreover, you are welcomed to stay at overwater bungalows for a luxurious experience. The island has various resorts and is a very romantic place for newlyweds and couples. One of the luxury hotels is Intercontinental Bora Bora. It’s surrounded by a lagoon which makes your stay comfortable and ideal. 


Things to do in the hotel


  1. Indulge in old-school games and fun activities
  2. Try the Kayaks
  3. Calm yourself with a Spa
  4. Eat at authentic and aesthetic restaurants
  5. Enjoy the beach sights


Places to visit for tourists in Bora Bora

  1. Snorkeling with sharks, Scuba diving, Aqua Safari Helmet Dive, Catamaran Sailing, and Jet Ski tour
  2. Relish your day with the Bora Bora Lagoon Cruise
  3. Mount Otemanu
  4. Bora Bora Lagoonarium
  5. Bora Bora Turtle Centre


  1. The Villazzo Villa Jane where there’s nothing to complain

The Villazzo Villa Jane can be found in Aspen, Colorado. Rocky Mountains and clear skies surround it. This villa is built on the mountains of Aspen and is perfect for outdoor people. Besides, the Villa Jane provides 15,000 sq.m of beautiful indoor spaces with artistic room designs. Moreover, Aspen has excellent restaurants and delicacies. There are also many fantastic sightseeing places like Aspen Center for Environmental Studies and Wheeler Opera House.


Things to do in the Villa


  1. Use the indoor swimming pool
  2. Stop by at the wine cellar
  3. Lighten yourself at the three relaxing bars
  4. Check out the recreational room
  5. Wander around the outdoor patio


Places to visit for tourists in Aspen


  1. Hike through the Rio Grande trail
  2. Rise the horse through Maroon Bells
  3. Do water rafting at Slaughterhouse Falls
  4. Navigate in the thick lush of Independence Pass
  5. Ski through the Snowmass


  1. Experience the New York drama with The Plaza

The most famous hotel in New York is The Plaza, and it’s situated in Midtown Manhattan. It’s a 21-story building; made with the inspiration of the French Renaissance. The hotel has accommodated various wealthy and famous guests and has hosted mind-blowing events. Moreover, they have 282+ distinctive guestrooms and 102+ luxurious suites. Their dramatic interior and room services have melted the hearts of the people.


Things to do in the hotel


  1. Workout at their fitness centre
  2. Shop beautiful fashion, decor, beauty, and cuisine pieces
  3. Eat at various kinds of restaurants
  4. Host weddings, meetings, or casual events
  5. Give your body and mind a break at the Guerlain Spa

Places to visit for tourists in New York


  1. Embrace the Statue of Liberty
  2. Walk amongst the Central Park
  3. Shop or get entertained at the Rockefeller Center
  4. Decode the history with the Metropolitan Museum of Art
  5. Relax at the linear public park, High Line


  1. Lake Palace in the city of lakes

Udaipur is situated amidst the famous Aravali range and soothing lakes in Rajasthan. It gives out romantic vibes and is called the Venice of the East. This city is rich with its cultural heritage, museums, palaces, gardens, monuments, and festivals. Amongst everything, Lake Palace has been considered the best choice around the globe. This hotel became worldwide famous due to the James Bond movie “Octopussy.” The palace will prove its royalty to you through its interiors, room service, and views. All in all, Udaipur will treat you with its spiritual ecstasy and aesthetics.


Things to do in the hotel


  1. Experience the magical Jiva Spa
  2. Get yourself a private and trained butler for taking care of you
  3. Taste exotic food in Rajasthani-styled dining spaces
  4. Book a walk around the palace and experience the historical romance
  5. Enjoy your food on a 150-year-old beautiful boat amongst Lake Pichola

Places to visit for tourists in Udaipur


  1. City palace
  2. Bagore Ki Haveli
  3. Vintage and Classic car collection
  4. Jagmandir
  5. Saheliyon Ki Bari


  1. Surrender your heart to the Hayman Island

Australia has been a land for people’s dreams. The city presents to you a lot of exciting and eye-catching places. Moreover, Hayman Island opens its doors for you at the northernmost point of Australia’s Whitsunday archipelago. Reginald Ansett first acquired the island in 1947, and it soon became the must-visit place. When you visit Australia, this hotel will become one of your best luxurious stays.


Things to do in the hotel


  1. Experience Snorkelling, diving, fishing and other water sports
  2. Walk the trails amongst nature and wildlife tour
  3. Pay attention to yourself with sports and fitness activities like Yoga and Golf
  4. Avail Helicopter tours and private seaplane charters for an exclusive feeling
  5. Escape away in your very own private boat charters
  6. Relax with a Spa session
  7. Relish me-time by letting kids have fun in the Planet Trekkers Club

Places to visit for tourists in Australia


  1. Sydney Opera House
  2. Great Barrier Reef Marine Park
  3. Bondi Beach
  4. Fraser Island
  5. Chadstone Shopping Centre


  1. Let your guard down at The Grand Hotel Tremezzo. 

Italy has made its mark through its cuisine and western culture. The long Mediterranean coastline with attractive sightseeing places is also famous for its architecture, art, literature, and film. Many travellers wish to visit Italy and experience the luxury it provides. One of the wealthiest hotels in Italy is The Grand Tremezzo. Tremezzo is located on the western shores of Lake Como. The hotel lets you enjoy the views of crystal-clear water and the Bellagio and Gringe mountains. Moreover, it has three pools, a private beach, and a lavish park with authentic services. 


Things to do in the hotel


  1. Pay attention to your body in the T fitness gym 
  2. Play a tennis and golf match
  3. Jog around the beautiful lake views in the hotel
  4. Fill your day with thrilling water skiing or book a motorboat
  5. Shop the most prominent fashion brands, craft pieces, and much more with a personal shopper assistant 


Places to visit for tourists in Italy


  1. Hike the Cinque Terre
  2. Drift to Venice in Gondola
  3. Traverse around the Tuscan Hill Towers through bicycle 
  4. Attend Opera in Verona’s Roman Arena
  5. Use a boat for a tour of Lake Como


  1. Swing in the swinging city and rest in The Ritz

London is named the swinging city because of its rich fashion and cultural adaptations. The city’s also known for its magnificent buildings, Trafalgar Square, Tower of London, Art galleries, and Big Ben. Besides, it offers rich stays for your breathtaking experiences. One of the famous hotels is The Ritz London. You can find this hotel between Piccadilly and the calm oasis of Green Park. Many famous personalities like Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill, Charlie Chaplin, and Sir Roger Moore have stayed here. Affirmingly, this hotel will book rooms that have aesthetic interiors and cosy beds.

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Things to do in the hotel


  1. Get to your beauty, hair, and massage treatment with the finest experts
  2. Give your kids a personalised magical experience with particular attention to them
  3. Hire the Ritz Rolls-Royce to explore London
  4. Buy their unique cookbook, which features 100 recipes
  5. Relax with their finest cigar collection in their lounge


Places to visit for tourists in London


  1. Green Park
  2. The Royal Academy of Arts
  3. Buckingham Palace
  4. Houses of Parliament and Big Ben
  5. London Eye


  1. Experience the luxury in an eco-friendly manner at SonevaKiri Resort

The most desired destination in the tourist’s travel list is Thailand. The city is famous for the feeling it gives to its visitors. Additionally, it’s known for its cuisine, tropical beaches, and various sightseeing places. Thailand also provides various accommodations for people who wish to experience luxury. One such hotel is SonevaKiri Eco-Luxury Resort. The resort is known for its jungle villas, dining arrangements, and experiences. 


Things to do in the hotel


  1. Take a boat to the AoSalat fishing village to enjoy local seafood BBQ
  2. Join sunrise breakfast cruise
  3. Participate in KohRAetSnorkelling and Solar Reef
  4. Experience a private cinema Paradiso
  5. Explore through Yai Ki trek

Places to visit for tourists in Thailand


  1. Shop at DamnoenSaduak Floating Market
  2. Set your mood at Nana Plaza Adult Playground
  3. Climb to the Sathorn Unique Tower
  4. Go to the Koh Phi Phi island
  5. Take yourself to KhaoYai national park


  1. Vacay at Four Seasons George V in Paris- the Wonderland

People flock to Paris from all around the world. It’s one of the most loved romantic destinations. Paris is known for its fashion, culture, and alluring destinations it possesses. Also, this city is very welcoming and arranges luxurious hospitality for you. The most famous and most prosperous Four Seasons, George V, resides in the Golden Triangle of Paris. The hotel will give terrific views and comfortable suites for accommodations.


Things to do in the hotel


  1. Raise your level of comfort with their 5-star spa service
  2. Book yourself private fitness instructors or workout for yourself in the gym
  3. Pamper yourself in the pool, and sauna tub
  4. Visit their on-site boutique
  5. Have a private back-of-house tour with your family


Places to visit for tourists in Paris


  1. Go to the Champs-Élysées
  2. Visit the top of the Eiffel Tower
  3. Explore the Louvre museum
  4. Stroll around Notre Dame Cathedral
  5. Enjoy the time in Disneyland


  1. Stopover in The Palace of The Lost City

Africa is the second-largest continent in the world, with breathtaking views and various animal species. The city has a varied culture with rich diversity. Moreover, they provide generous hospitality. If you plan to visit Africa, you should stay at The Palace of The Lost City, situated on the borders of Pilanesberg National Park. The hotel invites you to experience a new level of fun and luxury.


Things to do in the hotel


  1. Relax in their swimming pool
  2. Book the African Safari
  3. Explore the sky through the hot-air balloon ride
  4. Dine at their 5-star restaurants
  5. Treat your body at a private spa session 


Places to visit for tourists in Africa


  1. Explore Zanzibar- the Spice Island
  2. Go for Gorilla Trek
  3. Take a tour of the Island of Mozambique
  4. Visit the 3rd largest lake Malawi
  5. Watch the Victoria Falls


  1. Add spice to your nightlife in The Venetian Resort.

The famous Sin City, Las Vegas, is all set to make your vacation spicy and dramatic. The city is known for its casinos and top-notch entertainment. It’s a dream location for many. Besides, staying in The Venetian will add more luxury to your holiday. It’s located on the Las Vegas Strip in Paradise, Nevada, the United States, which offers the most luxurious stays and activities.


Things to do in the hotel


  1. Visit the in-built bars, and ask the bartenders to make you a zodiac-based cocktail
  2. Enjoy various entertaining shows at the resort
  3. Swim in the glamorous pools
  4. Give yourself a break at their spa and fitness area
  5. Have your hand at their casino


Places to visit for tourists in Las Vegas


  1. Explore the art at The Art District
  2. Visit the historical Neon museum
  3. Have a Las Vegas buffet experience at The Wicked Spoon
  4. Jump off the Stratosphere Tower 
  5. Shop at The Great Mall of Las Vegas


Final Words


Someone said, “The greatest luxury is being free,” and nothing is more freeing than travelling. Experiencing the richness in the world can boost your life a level up. If you wish to visit any of the suggested destinations, quickly book EaseMyTrip flights at the best price. You can also avail huge discounts on hotel booking, cab booking, bus booking, etc.



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