Have you ever wanted to be part part of the Star Wars universe? Well, wait no further. Now you can let your inner Star Wars geek go wild by immortalizing yourself as a 7.5-inch-tall Stormtrooper figurine.

And who said you were too short to be a Stormtrooper!

Through the magic of 3D scanning and printing – and $100 – visitors to Florida’s Walt Disney World during Star Wars Weekends – which run each weekend from May 17-June 9 – can get turned into a bonafide figurine from the Star Wars universe.

The process of being scanned only takes about 10 minutes using a high-resolution single-shot 3D face scanner. From there, your image goes to the 3D printer and your finished figurine is sent to you in about eight weeks.

Don’t see yourself as a stormtrooper? Then there’s a carbon-freeze option for you.

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