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Top Webs For Distant Socializing In The COVID-19 Pandemic

Top Webs For Distant Socializing In The COVID-19 Pandemic


The COVID-19 pandemic hits really hard in 2020 and, since then we have all are a force to locked in our homes. Well, a cure for the virus has been found and things are getting back normal slowly. But still, we have to follow some instructions to avoid infection. But now we are not allowed to go outside and meet our friends and loved ones. In short, Socializing is now more difficult as people are not allowed to gather in public.

But thanks to the Internet and social media we can connect to anyone from anywhere in the world. We can make calls, video calls or video chats, text chat, can share photos and videos with friends and loved ones. There are a lot of places on the internet where you can do many things without worrying about getting infected by a coronavirus and can maintain distance and COVID-19 safety protocols and also entertain yourself and can enjoy many things. Let’s talk about what are those places on the internet.

Social Media Applications

There are so many social media applications are available on the internet on which you can connect with your friends. Applications like Skype, Zoom, Cisco Webex are very famous and first preference for large group chats. Especially Zoom and Skype are the top choices for business meetings and calls. Applications like Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Facebook messenger are also used for group video calls and chats. As per reports, WhatsApp video call and Instagram live were the top used features during the pandemic.

Well, except for social media applications, Other Applications like Houseparty is also in the list of most used application. In the Houseparty app, you can video chat with your group of friends and can play different kinds of games. amazing, isn’t it? Houseparty application was at top of its success during the pandemic. The use of social media was at the top during the pandemic and it’s still growing so fast and at the same speed.

Online chat with random people – Talk with Strangers

Want to talk with Stranger? Yes, you heard it right. now you can chat with anyone from anywhere in the world. Online video chat platforms like Omegle webcam , ChatRoulette, FaceFlow, Bazoocam, etc. are providing video chat services where you can chat with anyone from anywhere in the world. These platforms have a very simple and easy UI – User Interface. You just have to visit the website or an application and click the chat button. The platforms will randomly choose some from another point and connect with you and then you can chat. it’s that simple!

These platforms including Ometv and Chatroulette provide different chat options. if you want to chat in text, there is a separate feature for that. text chat does not require access to your webcam and microphone. but if you want to video chat you need to allow access to a webcam and microphone access. These platforms also provide Chatrooms where you can video chat in groups.

Many Safety measurements and guidelines were suggested to use These platforms so be careful while using them.

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Useless Websites

Useless websites are a bunch of websites that do literally nothing. As the name suggests it’s totally useless and does nothing productive. There are thousands of useless websites are available on the internet. I can write a whole separate big article on it. So, we will only talk about some of the most famous and interesting websites.

Patatap is one the kind of useless website. This website only has a single page that is plain and covered with a coloured background. The interesting thing about this website is it play different kinds of sound and animation for different alphabets. Also, Chatroulette is great alternative for online chatting purpose.it has 26 different sound and animations effects for 26 A-Z alphabets. Amazing, isn’t it? You must try it out once!

Another is 100,000 starts. Some Enthusiastic developers at google developed and implement the Steller neighbours and launch it on the website. this website shows billions of stars of our galaxy system on the website. it also plays a very interesting sound when you open the website. it’s must-try one. go ahead and check it out! check kent christmas biography


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