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Top Tips to help Men Upgrade their Business-Casual Look

Top Tips to help Men Upgrade their Business-Casual Look

There were times when dressing for the office was simple. Those were days when men simply donned the full suit with underlined rules of dressing to the office. The society and various informative publications reinforced several guidelines that helped men to dress well. However, somewhere between the middle and the end of the last century, things started to change. Men dressed sans the jackets, hats went missing, and fleeting fashion trends and designer clothing came to the fore. 

With casual Fridays turning to casual weekdays, men started focusing more on casual. But, this is not what gets things done. Though you do not always need to dress in a three-piece suit to look dressed up and conduct business, a few tips with choosing the proper clothing and attire help you control what your image says and helps you take pride in what you wear.

We have found out experts’ guidelines on how to get the best business casual look that gives you an edgier appearance. It will help you throw an intimidating authoritative look effortlessly. You surely want it, don’t you? Keep reading and get the tips to get the stand-out look of a professional that oozes confidence, mirth present in an inborn leader. Your skillset is essential to get the goals, and your dress sense is equally significant to help set the tone to base the things upon and get going.

You need close-fitting clothing: Even if your outfit is good in tone and fabric, it won’t’ look sharp and impressive if it’s not the right fit. Your outfit must have a defined shape that drapes down the body. Clothing that is too tight, too loose-fitting won’t look good and wouldn’t feel comfortable.

  • Trousers: The length should break down into your shoes, not be too short of reaching the ankles.
  • Jeans, chinos dress slacks: They fit lower at the trousers waist. However, if your chest is not bigger than the waist, think of suspenders instead of lower-cut trousers. They will look much more stylish.
  • Shirt sleeves: They should not go beyond the wrist when you are standing arms down. The seam between your sleeve and the shoulder shouldn’t hang down. It should neatly fit your shoulder. Your shirt length should be enough to tuck two inches down. Anything less will keep coming out.

Go for closer-fitting clothing that keeps you comfortable and not for too tight or loose versions. If you wear a leather jacket, go for a business casual basic style of men’s leather bomber jackets.

Include more colors in your business casual wardrobe

Though the khaki trousers with white and blue shorts have been the norm for many a decade, it’s no longer the only way. Go beyond what is thought of as a safe way to dress. Experiment with other tones and patterns to get an enhanced and inspiring look. 

  • Shirt colors: In place of white and light blue tones, go for pastels in pink, yellow, ecru, or tan. Being more on the neutral side, they complement well with most of the jackets, ties, and ties. Also, instead of choosing solid single-colored T-shirts, go for patterned ones with stripes.
  • Trousers: Go beyond the khakis and pick olives, browns, and maybe the summer white lightweights. Choose flannels in the same tones in the winters and lightweight woolen charcoal gray ones in spring warm times.
  • Unfaded indigo jeans: They work well in some workplaces. You need undistressed and well-fitting denim to complement all your shirt styles.
  • Business casual leather jackets and other leather accents: Having a business casual men’s black leather jacket from Pala Leather can give you an authentic edgy appearance and enhance the look. Leather always symbolizes authority and confidence. If you pair a well-styled leather jacket with your diligent, smart look and conduct, everyone can see the leader in you.

Do not limit yourself to plain black leather shoes and belts. A light brown pair of buttery soft slip-on can complement many business casual trousers and shirt combos.

Pay Attention to the Details

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  • Do not go for cheap fabrics and apparel. The outerwear you choose for your business casual wardrobe must be perfect. It’s an investment into the image you are carrying with yourself and how you want others to look at you. Additionally, layering your clothing is an art, and you need to master it. Always look at men’s fashion magazines to get the latest ad handy tips on layering clothing to get the perfect business look. You need to work gradually on enhancing your ability to combine fabric textures. Colors and patterns. And you will soon get the grab.
  • Own a great collection: Make sure your wardrobe has the best sweaters, vests,, and business casual leather jackets to keep you ready to dress well in the winters.
  • Complement well: Also, you should have enough pairs of suede/white bucks/two-tone shoes, lighter browns, reddish oxbloods alongside the black and dark brown shoes to get a varied and vibrant look.
    And in the end, use neckties and pocket squares to add variety to your look. Go for woven ties in place of the typical silk ties but avoid synthetic material neckties as they do not age well. A pocket square can add a splash of color to your dress and boost your look.

Finally, remember, your outerwear should be spick and span, all wrinkles ironed out, and woolens should be brushed. Your business casual leather jackets should look well-cared for (you need to condition them every three to six months, the same goes for your other leather accents like belts and shoes).

The other aspects of your look you must groom well

There’s no way to underestimate the importance of a good haircut. You also need to apply the right hair product. A clean shave or neatly cut and well-groomed bearded look is a must. The general rules of hygiene are surely there to follow. So, you must have trimmed nails and no excess body hair.

Though things do not end here, there is a knack for getting a brilliant and vibrant business casual look for a serious businessman. We hope you liked it; if you think there is something else to include here, please tell us. 



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